Yasir Hussain & Amna Ilyas Saddened over Karachi’s Wrecked Transportation

 Yasir Hussain & Amna Ilyas Saddened over Karachi’s Wrecked Transportation

Recently a humiliating report regarding Karachi’s public transport published that declared Karachi’s transport worst in the world, by terming the provincial capital a ‘political orphan’. Yasir Hussain & Amna Ilyas Saddened over Karachi’s Wrecked Transportation System.

Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain and model Amna Ilyas took their disappointment to social media over the poor infrastructure of Karachi.  Deplorable indeed!

Arsalan Ali Faheem, a consultant at Development and

“Public transport serves about 42% of Karachi’s commuters in decades-old buses, the roads are filled with potholes, and not all traffic signals are functional. Karachi, despite its importance, is a political orphan.”

Adam Weinstein, a research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Washington, said

“Karachi needs to find a “humane” way to address land encroachments that hinder development. Karachi was once well-connected by a circular railway but corruption and mismanagement in the transportation sector brought the city to a grinding halt in the 1990s. Many of the railway tracks have become illegal slums, where people have settled from smaller towns. Delays in development projects are “hardly an anomaly”, citing the 15-year-old discussion to revive the circular railway, the Green Line bus project announced six years ago, and the Blue Line bus project, which was shelved in 2019 by the Sindh government due to financial issues.”

Uzair Younus, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council states

“If cities provide quality infrastructure, it by default increases productivity. Karachi’s administrative setup, unable to provide decent mass transit, will always be viewed with scepticism.”

The report referred to a 2019 study by the car-parts company, Mister Auto, that states “Karachi ranks as having the worst public transport system globally.

Yasir Hussain & Amna Ilyas Saddened over Karachi’s Wrecked Transportation System

Yasir Hussain congratulated authorities on the HUGE VICTORY

Hussain satirically congratulated the authorities for adding another “feather to the cap” as the city already copes with tons of infrastructural snares and snags.

Ilyas also shared the article on her Instagram story, accentuating her grief over the dismaying news

Yasir Hussain & Amna Ilyas Saddened over Karachi Wrecked Transportation

The Bloomberg report unveils the dying vehicles crawling on the roads of the port city

Roads are jammed-packed with ruts, and buses are bursting with passengers

The former capital is home to Pakistan’s main ports and the regional headquarters for major companies including multinational colossuses. Karachi is generating half of the nation’s tax revenue, but the creepy condition of public transport is pernicious.

Entire Pakistan is lugubrious on the nuking condition of one of the darling cities of Pakistan.

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