WHO Chief Praises Pakistan for Defeating COVID-19 while Keeping Economy Afloat

 WHO Chief Praises Pakistan for Defeating COVID-19 while Keeping Economy Afloat

Coronavirus has shattered the world’s economy and its impact on people’s social, emotional, and financial life is beyond belief. But, Imran Khan’s Policies has eradicated the fear of deadly COVID from Pakistani people. WHO Chief Praises Pakistan for Defeating COVID-19 while Keeping Economy Afloat.

World Health Organisation (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has once again acclaimed Pakistan’s response to the coronavirus. The comment is undeniably precious, chief further appreciates Pakistan’s fight against the deadly contagious virus by saying

“The country managed to fight the pandemic while allowing its economy to pick up as the country stabilizes.”

WHO Chief Praises Pakistan for Defeating COVID-19 while Keeping Economy Afloat

In an Op-Ed in the British Online Newspaper The Independent, Tedros states

“Community health workers who have been trained to go door-to-door vaccinating children against polio have been redeployed and utilized for surveillance, contact tracing, and care. The opted strategy had suppressed the virus so that, as the country stabilizes, the economy is also now picking up once again. Pakistan’s response reinforces the lesson that the choice is not between controlling the virus or saving the economy; the two go hand-in-hand.”

Besides Pakistan, Tedros pointed out a few other countries for praise, notably Thailand, Italy, and Uruguay, for their strong handling of the pandemic.

“The grim milestone of one million Covid-19 deaths should spur the planet into fighting back against the disease, insisting that it was never too late to turn things around. As vaccine candidates in a final stage, it gives us a sign of hope.”

“While the world presumed scientific breakthroughs, the new coronavirus could be effectively contained through proven public health measures. One million people have now been lost to Covid-19 and many more are suffering because of the pandemic. This milestone is a difficult moment for the world but there are glimmers of hope that encourage us now and soon. No matter where a country is in an outbreak, it is never too late to turn things around.”

Awareness strike regarding individual responsibility to opt for safety guidelines is the key to success

“While today’s milestone gives us pause for reflection, this is a moment for us all to come together, in solidarity, to fight back against this virus. History will judge us on the decisions we do and don’t make in the months ahead. Let’s seize the opportunity and bridge national boundaries to save lives and livelihoods.”

According to the Geneva-based Red Cross,

Jagan Chapagain, secretary-general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies states,

“Today, we stand in grim solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of families that have lost loved ones. A million deaths represent one million individual tragedies and countless heartbreaks. We need to be planning for the support that millions of people will need to rebuild their lives even once this illness is finally defeated”.

It is good to know that Pakistan has made constructive efforts to overthrow an invisible predator and won the battle.

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