Waqar Zaka has guts to become The Next Prime Minister Of Pakistan: Twitterati Says

 Waqar Zaka has guts to become The Next Prime Minister Of Pakistan: Twitterati Says

Waqar Zaka is considered to be Pakistan’s Top Influencer, a benevolent, a traveller, a risk-taker, a daredevil, and the man of his WILL. Recently, Waqar Zaka Made Headlines for Standing Up to the Core Issues related to domestic Violence and Technology Bans in Pakistan and Came out as Winner! Waqar Zaka has guts to become The Next Prime Minister Of Pakistan: Twitterati Says.

Moreover, the social media influencer does not only entertain us on television or social media but he has truly demonstrated what is the real job and responsibility of an influencer. Twitterati is his pleasing fans and called it a true prime minister-material person. He always stood against crime without any support from the media or the government.

Mr. Zaka is the only Persona who Jumped into the Battlefield to Grab Justice

He is the only personality of Pakistan who gallantly fights for the youth, familiarized cryptocurrency, block-chain in Pakistan, and above all always stood against prejudice. He is the man who rung the bells of PTA and raised the voice to Unban-PubG, brings Amazon and PayPal to Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is on the seventh sky and is giving him the sole right to present YOUTH. According to the leaked sources, Zaka is planning to spring into politics and contest in the next general elections.

Waqar Zaka plans to transform Pakistan…. OH REALLY?

He is enthused to introduce his political party where he will devise a podium of thoughtful influencers. Pakistan is blessed with variants of influencers from Queen Victoria Meera, to the devout Rabi Pir Zada. Impressive ideas still necessitate some reality to implement. Anyways we have endeavoured for Zaka and his positive energy to boost positivity in the environment.

Regardless of the critic smog, this brave stouthearted man has his set of vibrant goals. Most probably he is all set to take place and track to be the PM of Pakistan.

During a live session, Zaka told his followers,

“These are the same people who don’t want our children to become famous around the world, who don’t want our country to generate revenue online, who want to send out a message to the e-sports providers around the world to prevent them from setting up their business here – the reason why YouTube never did. These people will not allow us to evolve, a digital revolution needs to be brought.”

Waqar Zaka’s political party may have influencers like Rabi Pirzada who always wants bulks of appreciation in crafting bizarre animal portraits. Meera g would also be equally eligible to teach students English connotations.

Waqar Zaka has guts to become The Next Prime Minister Of Pakistan: Twitterati Says

Though, the public is muttering to express how gratified they are from Zaka who proved to be a one-man army to unban PUBG and woo the entire public. #Thankyouwaqarzaka is the highest trend on twitter right now!

Zaka is trying hard to digitally evolved Pakistan. People are already applauding his efforts for multiple reasons. His superpowers are haunting enough to eventually make him the next prime minister of Pakistan.

it is not our perception rather it is what netizens are casting him. Though,

gaming freaks are thankful to Zaka for challenging the Sindh High Court (SHC) on the ban of PUBG.

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