Twitter Demands Arrest of Potential Rapist Ibsham Zahid for Harassing Fatima Amir

 Twitter Demands Arrest of Potential Rapist Ibsham Zahid for Harassing Fatima Amir

Are we the live spectators of on-stage stalking of innocent girls? Yeah, our society is sick to the core where pests like Ibsham are encouraged to the extent to make them a prowler, who makes the life of a girl, A LIVING HELL. So why not to break the ceiling and actually get into the mode of Churails to throw them in hellfire to purify the society from toxic masculinity. Twitter Demands Arrest of Potential Rapist Ibsham Zahid for Harassing Fatima Amir.

Here is yet another horrific case which showed the vulnerability of women to survive in society. Fatima Amir Sheikh and Ibsham Zahid’s case is a blow on the face of law enforcement agencies who are crippled to deliver justice. The only thing they can do is VICTIM BLAMING. But thanks to the social media who became a front-line warrior in the earliest delivery of justice.

According to the Bystander who shared the Inferno Story on Social Media with PROOFS

Ibsham is a 16-year-old stalker who has been pestering and harassing Fatima for four long years. But it is strange that why a girl got frightened by a teen ghunda? Why she didn’t muster up her courage to expose him and his gang? He has even attempted to kidnap her once in a park with his gang. Ibsham has been giving open rape and death threats to Fatima and her family.

FIR has been filed against Ibsham!

FIR has been launched against the hostile offender, but no legal action has been taken yet. The girl filed the FIR in 2016, and the case has been since awaiting to put him in cuffs and throw behind the bar. Why Pakistan is reluctant to castigate lynch-minded criminals? Ibsham even planned to flee to Dubai while authorities were failed to arrest him. Or Authorities to bhung pee kr soye hoi hain?? That’s why people are grasping justice in their manner.

Here are Ibsham’s threatening Voice Notes after the FIR

The chunks of Ibsham’s Abusive Messages to Fatima needs the Courage to Read

Ibsham became more violent as exposed via social media. It makes him a confident brawler that he would get bail from the court.

Ibsham has been threatening Fatima with weapons as well… watch the video

Fatima and her family came out publicly as they had no longer trust in the system. In the videos shared on Twitter and Facebook, Ibsham can be seen show-offing his weapons while threatening the girl.

As per updates, the main perpetrator Ibsham and his father were planning to flee to Dubai. An online petition has been filed on calling on the Dubai police force to arrest the father-son duo on their arrival.

Ibsham’s sister says, ‘He is Mentally Unstable’

Ibsham’s sister Maroosh has apologized to Fatima and her family on a long Instagram post. She even lauded Fatima for coming out with her story. Meanwhile, the victim Fatima said,

“Maroosh was tweaking the facts”

Maroosh revealed Ibsham was spotted with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anger management issues, and is emotionally unstable. Then Ibsham’s family should get him in the asylum to protect the surrounding. Maroosh excuse is throbbing for fatima’s family. We would like convicted rapists to be publicly executed or chemically castrated and lethal punishments for harassers.

Twitter Demands Arrest of Potential Rapist Ibsham Zahid for Harassing Fatima Amir

Pakistanis are already distraught over the motorway gang-rape case. And, now the distressing story of Fatima is yet another instance of accentuating the rape dilemma in the country. How Ibsham has been crushing her and her family for years is beyond belief. It is the meticulous time to treat the sickening disease of toxic masculinity by punishing the culprits.

Stand up for the better Pakistan and remove the filth!

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