The lost Tradition of Eid Greeting Cards Hits the Nostalgia

 The lost Tradition of Eid Greeting Cards Hits the Nostalgia

Eid cards are one of the most adorable traditions that are lost behind the massive technology of the era. It was the most enchanting way to greet the EID in an affable and cordial manner. Eid cards were beautifully ornated by bantering wishing typescripts, and all that was far jovial and entertaining. The Lost Tradition of Eid Greeting Cards Hits the Nostalgia very hard and these Eid cards were the loving bulk of heart-touching memories.

People use to spare time for their dear ones and visit markets to purchase eid cards that were usually available in funky and jazzy colors.

The Lost Tradition of Eid Greeting Cards Hits the Nostalgia

Eid Greeting Cards
Eid Greeting Cards

Eid cards were the best way to demonstrate one’s LOVE and PRIORITY

The outmoded ritual is almost vanished and replaced by a tiny and bizarre message of “EID MUBARIK”, and the dreariest thing is to “send to all” option from mobile phones. Technology has smashed the heartfelt spirits and the primacies and crumbled the emotions behind the rhetorical beauty  EID CARD.  Unfortunately, the heart-connecting tradition is fading and near to completely vanish soon.
Eid Mubarak Card
Eid Mubarak Card


Like bangles, mehndi, confectionaries, flashy attires EID CARDS was also a mandatory festivity of Eid. The point to ponder is who has smashed it. Then no doubt there are we, who have allowed an “intruder” to take away our beautiful culture. That is our massive tiring routine and sluggishness. The tingling curiosity of sending Eid cards and obviously receiving too was so heart-soothing and tendering. The awe-inspiring tradition was spread over the years and now gradually became infrequent.
Traditional Eid Mubarak -The lost Tradition of Eid Greeting Cards
Traditional Eid Mubarak


The new generation should revisit the lost trend of EID CARDS

However, The present generation is now deprived of the cultural ritual. These cultures have dwindled from one generation to another. Social media and mobile phones cannot be the alternative of EID CARDS. It is the time to step back in the past to embrace the adorable norm of love and affection.

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