That’s Why Mufti Abdul Qavi is Suspicious in his ‘Mufti Capacity’

 That’s Why Mufti Abdul Qavi is Suspicious in his ‘Mufti Capacity’

Mufti is a religious cleric who owns a huge and evocative responsibility of actions and vocals. But it is pathetic to say that Mufti Abdul Qavi is dubious in his mufti capacity, and the reasons are perceptible. Another leaked niffy call goes viral on social media! This time it’s a video call conversation between the two most contentious figures of the country Hareem Shah and Mufti Qavi. That’s Why Mufti Abdul Qavi is Suspicious in his ‘Mufti Capacity’.

What Hareem Shah is trying to Show Actually?

Pakistan’s notorious TikToker Hareem Shah’s name is not new for being associated with leaked videos and calls to famous people.

The latest video unveils the iniquitous side of Qavi. The newest episode is skimpier, Hareem Shah can be seen in a smart skirmish with Mufti Abdul Qawi. She can be heard saying,

“I did not call to listen to your speeches and nonsense, I have to ask you that you are becoming a follower of Islam, you are becoming a mufti,”

On the other hand, Mufti Abdul Qawi was asking her to show her face on the video call while sharing his frantic routine.

Hareem Shah can be heard knocking Mufti,

“Don’t shake your head, it doesn’t suit you to shake your daughter’s age. You have slandered the name of Islam. You are the devil, you are the devil, you are the devil. Father, you have slandered Islam all over the country, you are not ashamed.”

Purpose of the Discussion is still Under the Hood and Entails Non-Sense Argument

It seems like both have been keeping in touch with each other and the recent call was a very preposterous prank for social media users! A few days earlier, Hareem Shah has leaked another video of Mufti Abdul Qavi, days after he was slapped by her secretary over ‘vulgar and dirty conversation’.

Sharing the video on her official Twitter handle, she also warned the cleric of releasing another video from PC Hotel Karachi ‘if he doesn’t behave’. A leaked video call conversation between the TikToker and the cleric, Qavi can be heard planning for a ‘late night meetup’ with Hareem after the recording of a talk show while sending her kisses online. Rubbish!

That’s Why Mufti Abdul Qavi is Suspicious in his ‘Mufti Capacity’

Qavi’s words,

“If you agree to take me in your ‘caliphate’, I am ready to stay for the night. We will stay together until the morning prayer.”

At the end of the conversation, Qavi shamelessly asks Shah if she has read the Kalima to which she responds in affirmative. He then ends the video call with goodbye kisses.

We strongly condemn Qavi’s stance. What would you comment on the video?

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