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Here are 10 Hilarious Memes About Maria B And Her

The Noval CoronaVirus has caused Havoc throughout the world, and Pakistani Society is massively stirred up because of it. However, the Irresponsible Behavior and Negligence Prevailing in Pakistani Society is deadlier, especially when the ELITES are involved in it. Maria B and her Husband are Prime Examples of it. Here are 10 Hilarious Memes About […]Read More

People are Criticizing Maria B & Husband for Being Irresponsible

The World is Fighting against the Noval Contagious CoronaVirus by Isolating themselves and Creating Social Distancing. But when you found some Sensible, Educated Elite Persons Endangering the lives of many Destitute People, its equivalent to a CRIME. Maria B and her Husband sent CoronaVirus-infected Chef Home Via Bus instead of informing the relevant authorities. People […]Read More