Student Solidarity March is Held against Educational System for Restoration of Unions

 Student Solidarity March is Held against Educational System for Restoration of Unions

The Student Solidarity trudged on streets and roads of Pakistan on Friday Vehemently.  It was a Fervent Movement that was organized in Favor of Students by Students against their institutional oppressors. Student Solidarity March is Held against Educational System for Restoration of Unions Nationwide on Friday.

There is a massive group of young students on roads, challenging the state unswervingly to address their Antagonism and objections against the Education Structure of Pakistan. In Fact, The Young Fighters of the march were Passionate and Enthusiastic in their Demands and Catchphrases.

The march was HEATEDLY urging the youth to JOIN AND RAISE THE VOICE

It was Thursday a day before the move when people started sharing influencing stories on Instagram that were in the context to raise voice for a better educational system. However, The student solidarity march demonstrates the basic “Student Needs” of a universal student.

They are Demanding the Strenuous Cause of the intellectual Capacity of Students in Pakistan. The Graving Rational Capacity is Escalating due to the Prevailing Student injustice.

Student Solidarity March is Held against Educational System for Restoration of Unions

People from various walks of life – including Students, Rights Activists, and Supporters – on Friday took to Streets Across the Country to join the Student Solidarity March for the Restoration of Student Unions – that have been banned since 1984.

Some of the Students were Performing Some artistic Play to Convey the Messages and demands.

The shrilling demands of the youth for the better education system in Pakistan

  • A fight for the ethical policies of the education system of Pakistan
  • Problems students are facing in respective campuses
  • Hostel glitches and snags for adequate spacing
  • Lack of student security regarding academics and personal lives
  • The movement was high-pitched and objectifying institutionalized discrimination
  • The student solidarity march was swinging high while swaying the demands and agony in play-cards, oppression was worth-seeing
  • The protest was thought-provoking and predicts the “the end of the beginning” of the NEW ERA
  • The student march was conducted to address all the stakeholders of education trustees regarding pressures and issues, irrespective of age and stage
  • Institutionalized harassment in particular with females
  • Escalating student fees and waiving off financial aid OF NO REASON
  • Institutional hierarchy is imposed on students, whereas it should be administered by students instead
  • Student unions can solve issues within the walls of universities. It is very territorial and restrictive as per student problems because SOLUTIONS ARE ALWAYS THERE WHERE PROBLEM EXISTS 
  • Student march contributed pave to continue expanding work for the social and economic right

The March also Received Political Support

Prime Minister Imran Khan also Categorically Supported the Restoration of Student Unions in Universities for the Positive Grooming.
PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto also Appreciated the Students March by Quoting the Efforts of her Late Mother Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto regarding Reversing this Ban.
Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also Tweeted in Favor of the Restoration of Unions. He Tweeted:

The “ongoing” solidarity march of students is not essentially OVER as it would definitely Explode a Sweeping Revolution in the Rusted Foundations of the odd Education System. So, The problem Solving inspirational ideas would provide measures to Resolve Student Injustice Intimidations in Pakistan.

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