Statue of Famous Italian Journalist Indro Montanelli Defaced & tagged as “Racist-Rapist”

 Statue of Famous Italian Journalist Indro Montanelli Defaced & tagged as “Racist-Rapist”

Racist and xenophobic conflicts have surprisingly followed the expanse of Covid-19 around the world. Ethnic Asians have been assaulted, called dirty, and had other racial slurs tossed at them on the streets of Britain, while Chinese, Japanese and Korean stores and businesses have been wrecked elsewhere in Europe. Statue of Famous Italian Journalist Indro Montanelli Defaced & tagged as “Racist-Rapist”.

A statue in Milan of a famous Italian journalist has been vandalized by sprayed red and tagged with the words “racist, rapist”. Furthermore, fetching the country’s first statue embattled since a wave of similar incidents across Europe and the United States of xenophobic traumatic occurrences.

Statue of Famous Italian Journalist Indro Montanelli Defaced & tagged as “Racist-Rapist”

The sitting statue of Indro Montanelli, which positions in a garden of the same name in the northern Italian city, was sluiced on Sunday morning after being vandalized during the previous night. And it is undoubtedly a new move of racism to hit effigies to show intolerance and provoke odium.

Who was Indro Montanelli?

Montanelli was one of the most influential Italian journalists of the 20th century, who died in 2001 at the age of 92. Founding the Il Giornale newspaper and serving at the Corriere Della Sera.

It is ominously presumed that such effigy attack in Italy in the current anti-racism demonstrations in the US and Europe. It is flickered by the death of George Floyd in US police custody; the protests have targeted statues seen as symbols of colonialism and slavery. Moreover, activist group Retestudentimilano characterized Montanelli in words below,

“A colonialist who made slavery an important part of his political activity, and should not be celebrated in the public square”

Montanelli married a young Eritrean girl after volunteering for Fascist leader Benito Mussolini’s colonial invasion of Ethiopia in 1935.

The I Sentinelli Group Said on Social Media,

“In Milan, there is a park and statue dedicated to Montanelli, who until the end of his days said with pride that he bought and married an Eritrean child of 12 years to turn her into a sex slave during the fascist regime’s aggression against Ethiopia.”

 A short video of two hooded people throwing red paint on the bronze statue

“A colonialist who has made slavery an important part of his political activity cannot and should not be celebrated in a public square.”

According to the local AGI news agency, INVESTIGATION IS IN PROCESS

“In such an important global moment… we think that characters like Indro Montanelli are harmful to the imagination of all.”

Far-right opposition leader Matteo Salvini, head of the League party…CONDEMNS THE ATTACK

Has lashed out at “the ignorant” and “the coward” who defaced the statue.

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala said on Social Media

“The statue must remain where it is”, adding he was available “for any discussion on the themes of racism and Montanelli. He was a great journalist who fought for the freedom of the press. When we judge our own lives, can we say that ours is spotless? Lives must be judged in their complexity.”

We condemned the incident on verbal and non-verbal podiums and accentuate the need to keep peace and harmony in the world. Racism is as deadly as coronavirus but the difference is it has a vaccine to root out.

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