Social Media is a Modern Form of Infidelity in Pakistan

 Social Media is a Modern Form of Infidelity in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is known Widely for its Culture, Norms and Family Bonding with Loyalty. Nonetheless, the Shockwaves of “INFIDELITY” have Crossed the Threshold of Pakistan too. Social Media is a Modern Form of Infidelity in Pakistan.

According to the Reported Figures, 15,000 ‘Khula’ Cases are Registered During the Current Year. Psychiatrists, Lawyers, and Matchmakers all are Potentially and Evidently agreed that Divorce Cases are Surged up due to Rising Trend of Social Media in our Lives.

How Social media is Waning Relationships by Bantering our Cultural Loyalty

  • New Generation is Building Fake Relationships due to the Reduced Role of Elders and Parents in their Lives.
  • Newlyweds are giving Least Importance to their Married Life than it must be taken actually.
  • Social media has become the Podium to get married than family members, that is usually based on “High Financial Expectations”.
  • Marry, Divorce and then Remarry is the Common Norm people observe in Celebrities and get Stimulated.
  • Depression is Razzing to all the ages, and in that situation Social media lit up the dark end of the street.
  • Emotionally Collapsed Single and Even Married too Starts Finding illicit Lovers Meet in the Shadows to “Hide their Wrong.” And they are called Modern cheaters. Through Facebook, they can communicate their illegitimate affairs from the comfort of their couch, well-lit by the light of their computer or a smartphone screen.
  • Social media has become an easy way to “Wish” and “Access”.

Social Media is a Modern Form of Infidelity in Pakistan

Like the Global Rampant, Pakistan is also an easy target of “Facebook Infidelity”. The Average Surfer Occupies 150 minutes a day on the site, more time than they spent on any Leisure Activity. The Dangerous Amounts of usage tilt Discernments of Reality and Enable “Stealthy” Communications.

Moreover, Facebook Encourages the Agronomy of “Back Burners,” probable cheaters are Enthusiastically Encouraged for future affairs. The Impermeable Evidence can be viewed in the Divorce Proceedings. Social media is a Worsening Trustworthiness in many ways. For instance,

  • It is Spoiling Happy Marriages
  • It is indulging spouse towards unloyalty WHILE keeping in the marriage.
  • Modern Liberals of Social Media are reassuring people by convincing them for all the Wrong Paths.

Social media is the place of Poking and Fooling Around that surely Creates Glitches. Facebook and other Social Media Podia Assist Duplicitous and Deceitful View into people’s lives. The solution to the Intensifying Problem is HIDDEN IN OUR DEEP-ROOTED FAMILY ETHOS… that are surely a Conviction of “OLD IS GOLD”. We should make our homes heaven by Cultivating Trustworthy Relationships while KEEPING AN CONSTANT EYE ON YOUTH.

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