Social Media Activist Muhammad Bilal Khan was Killed and People Wants Justice

 Social Media Activist Muhammad Bilal Khan was Killed and People Wants Justice

Pakistani YouTuber and Social Media Activist, Muhammad Bilal Khan was brutally killed in Islamabad. He is known for criticizing Pakistan Army and ISI on various occasions. Many Journalists and Prominent figures believe that the death of Blogger will raise wrong assumptions regarding the influence of the Army. Social Media Activist Muhammad Bilal Khan was Killed and People Wants Justice from the sitting government regarding the brutal killing of Blogger.

Bilal has more almost 20 thousand followers on Twitter and 60 thousand Subscribers on YouTube. In his last Tweet, he blatantly lashes out Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). In his recent video, he discussed the speech of Imran Khan.

Social Media Activist Muhammad Bilal Khan was Killed
Twitter Profile of Muhammad Bilal Khan


What Actually Happened:

He received a call from someone who asked him to come to G9/4. He reached there with his friend Ehtasham. Suddenly, unidentified men attacked him with some dagger. There were 17 wounds on his body. Khan and Ehtasham were transported to a local hospital following the attack but Khan died en route. Ehtasham survived the attack with severe injuries.

Social Media Activist Muhammad Bilal Khan was Killed
Tragic Death of Bilal Khan

Abdullah, the father of Khan believes that the unnecessary assumptions regarding his son should be kept aside. Nevertheless, Abdullah demands the arrest of the perpetrators. There’s video from his brother on the Facebook in which he said: “We trust the Islamabad police but also demand them to properly investigate the case to ensure justice.”

Reactions of People and How the are demanding Justice:

The Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari quickly responded on this disgusting act of terrorism.

“Strongly condemn the murder of Bilal Khan. Disagreement and opposition to someone’s views simply cannot be translated into killing the person. Govt must & it will investigate and punish the killers – it is our responsibility to keep all our citizens secure under rule of law”.

Pakistani Social Media Activist Gul Bukhari believes that there should be some room for reasoning instead of killing.

Tarek Fateh needs only a minor reason to malign Pakistan Army and Pakistani Govt.

DG ISPR Gen. Asif Ghafoor responded to this tragic incident. He expressed his concerns over the killing of Khan.

People are Demanding Fair Investigation of Bilal Khan’s Murder. Justice Must Prevailed in this Particular Case.

Our Neighbors are looking for anything to denounce Pakistan’s Army, especially after Abhinandan’s Chapter.

It’s Sickening to see that Social Media Activists are not safe now.

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