Slogan-Mongering by Capt Safdar at Quaid Mausoleum raises Eyebrows

 Slogan-Mongering by Capt Safdar at Quaid Mausoleum raises Eyebrows

The nation which disgraces its leaders, benefactors, and patrons suffer. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the father of the nation, and not even a single civilian would let anyone disrespect the leader. Slogan-Mongering by Capt Safdar at Quaid Mausoleum raises Eyebrows.

The highest-ranked Generals and officials, when enters Quaid’s eternal resting place, they pay homage to the father of the nation with utmost reverence and honour. Nevertheless, there is yet another class that uses the sacred vault for criminal activities and to trigger politics.

The nations which forget its defenders will be itself forgotten – Winston Churchill

According to the governing ordinance

The PML-N Leadership Desecrated Mazar E Quaid by Its Loathsome Sloganeering

Yesterday, the power show of newly born PDM aka Corruption Bachao Movement took place in Jinnah ground which is adjacent to the Tomb of Quaid e Azam. The leadership of every party that arrived in Karachi, considers mandatory to pay respect to the founder. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz also reached the tomb, apparent intention was to pay homage that later converts into a “dirty politics” of beyond belief.

Patwaris Desecrate the Decorum and Sanctity of the tomb

When captain Safdar Awan enters the mausoleum with his wife and several PML-N supporters. The discourteous Captain Safdar and Begum Safdar start defiling the decorum and inviolability of the tomb with their ugly sloganeering. Listening to the war-cry, other party supporters joined them and start yelling Vote ko Izzat Do’ while sabotaging the dignity of that honourable place.

Who has allowed these besmirched politicians to violate the sanctity of the tomb? Mizaray Quaid is a place where generals of the state, high officials, and even the presidents of other nations enter while stringently obeying to rituals and decorum. The question is who allowed these sastay politicians and imprisoned criminals to contaminated the sacred tomb with noise pollution? Unacceptable.

Slogan-Mongering by Capt Safdar at Quaid Mausoleum raises Eyebrows

People are Fumed in outrage over the Sacrilege of the Mazaar:

As the clips went viral on every social media platform, people get irked and shaken by the behavior of Pakistan’s most senior political party. PML-N received great backlash and condemnation from the public. The netizens asked the government to take strict actions against the culprits.

Blatant Leaders should be kept accountable before the nation

The incident is revolting. So far, the protests were confined to institutions and government, but now the infamous famous PML-N is disrespecting our founder, our benefactor. How the respective party became so violent that it gallantly crossed its judiciary limits and became heedless towards Quaid’s honor and dignity? It is hardly observed that a civilized nation disrespects the sanctity of a grave or graveyard. Ever watched someone cultured making uproar and noises on graves?

According to the MEDIA OFFICIALS,

“The PTI leadership lodged against Capt Safdar Awan, and taking immediate actions, the Sindh Police have arrested the PML-N leader from Awari Hotel.”

Well done Sindh Police, well done PTI!

A round of applause for all the nationalists who made this happen. We wholeheartedly anticipate that the national culprit would be kept behind the bars for at least 24 hours.

The creepy stance of Sindh Government

Sindh govt’s aloofness from arrest leaves many questions over loyalty with the crime partner or with Pakistan.

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemned the arrest and said he was shocked to hear about the incident

Talking to Maryam Nawaz over the telephone, the PPP chairman articulated complete solidarity with her, according to a statement. He added,

“The manners in which the arrest was made was against the traditions of Sindh.”…….disgusting!

All Pakistanis offended by what happened at the Quaid’s mausoleum

Wake up Pakistan! Spot the disguised crooks…felons are free.. Wake up!!!

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