Sialkot Transgender Begs for Mercy by giving ‘Nabi Pak Ka Wasta’ as Rascals Beat Him

Sialkot Transgender Begs for Mercy by giving ‘Nabi Pak Ka Wasta’ as Rascals Beat Him

Pakistan came into being to give space and security to all the mortals of God. But sometimes humanity gets over the threshold of compassion and empathy and ripped it apart. Sialkot Transgender Begs for Mercy by giving ‘Nabi Pak Ka Wasta’ as Rascals Beat Him.

The said news could be disturbing for some viewers, and for it, we would probe viewer discretion. The Sialkot based transgender is brutally tortured by influential local without heeding his woes and pleading for mercy.

The Plot of the Heinous Delinquency

Why we overlook the reality that transgenders are living realities of striving for a path and thriving for recognition in our society. They face all types of abuse, ranging from omission from society to vicious slaying. For decades, they have imperilled to trafficking, coercion, and forced prostitution. They are sexually and physically abused and maimed.

The interminable swinishness can be seen in a recent video that surfaced on social media and is a big punch on the face of social grace and ethos. A pack of pivots ruthlessly tortured an innocent transgender in the Siranwali area of Sialkot Police Station.

An apocalyptic incident took place in Sialkot

The upheaval elevates a bunch of questions to spot the misery of poor trans persons. Pitiably so, there is no law enforcement to protect them and save them from the privileged masses.

While the poor transgender pleaded and begged for her life, a group of atrocious men sustained beating him with sticks. The most saddening aspect of the callous misdemeanour is no one will come to rescue her and no legal will be taken against the beastly culprits. The shocking and choking incident came to light earlier today, on Friday

Sialkot Transgender Begs for Mercy by giving ‘Nabi Pak Ka Wasta’ as Rascals Beat Him

Human rights defilements and discernment based on gender identity are still rampant. Moreover, when it comes to transgenders it mounts a big challenge on the globe. But the crime rate against transgenders is comparatively high in South Asian countries. After years of efforts to normalized gender community subjugation is still prevalent. Pakistan’s transgender community is trying to find its recognition gradually making its way to mainstream media. However, even then some beasts threaten and oppress daily to prevent them from rolling. They are in the war-zone since their dignified bearing, but here are the warriors too, like Nisha Rao, a trans lawyer. In a similar incident recently, Rimal Ali, Pakistan’s first transgender model turned actor and professional dancer was recently attacked, tortured, and harassed in Lahore. Now she surfaced over media and has officially announced to join the PTI to be the shrilling voice of her community.

Our society should embrace transgenders by making their lives easy and made them free from throttling chains of aloofness, repugnance, and odium.

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