SHOCKING: ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The US Capitol Riots In 1996

 SHOCKING: ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The US Capitol Riots In 1996

Simpson’s capitol hill riot again got fame for all the spine-tingling reasons. People became bizarre by Simson’s nagging predictions. A pro-Trump mob come to blows with police, broke into the US Capitol, and sent members of Congress absconding as lawmakers were counting Electoral College votes to approve the presidential victory of Democrat Joe Biden. SHOCKING: ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The US Capitol Riots In 1996.

The howls of panic breached a verge that had not been ever crossed for two centuries and rumpled the American democratic process from head to toe. But to the shocking beliefs, Simpsons had already been predicted since 1996. KOOKY INDEED!

The Freakish Episodes of Simpsons

The wacky sitcom has always been out in the left-field of its creepy hunches. As photos and videos of the unprecedented US Capitol vehemence trended on social media, several netizens felt a déjà vu. Many claimed that such a situation might have already been predicted by the famous animated series The Simpsons. The violence was predicted in season 7 of the series in episode 18 called ‘The Day the Violence Died’.


“The characters storm the capitol holding guns, and even bombs. In addition to this, Krusty the Clown presents ‘I’m an Amendment to Be’, depicting a Constitutional Amendment’s attempt to ban flag burning.”

According to tin-foil-hats regarding the intrigue

“The masses called it the game of Illuminati wizardries and the many just call them pure coincidence.”

The show has crafted approximately 153,149 jokes, give or take a few thousand. However, it’s fun drama previsions about a particular incident. The fictional series has now built a reputation for predicting the future.

SHOCKING: ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The US Capitol Riots In 1996

Simpsons is a scheme of fictional and improbable scenarios but its graphics show disturbing incidents many years back but it seems to prove right in the present time. Moreover, it has been running for almost 30 years, so, predictably, some themes might be the real crop ups. But some of the plotlines are spookily close to events that have happened on the global spectrum.

The show was tossed in 1989 and the writer seemed to predict events that are happening now. How come? Yet another instance of prophesied the recent unrest in the US.

Twitterati also discourses the eerie prediction

Gives goosebumps, doesn’t it? It is pertinent that it is not the first time that images have hunched down the actual incidents. And people are getting interested in the sitcom to have an idea about the future. The Simpsons have always depicted something from real-events with so many resemblances. More so, it probably would not be the last.

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