#ShameOnFAST Trending as FAST University Expels Students for Posting Memes on Facebook

 #ShameOnFAST Trending as FAST University Expels Students for Posting Memes on Facebook

When the World is Fighting against the Pandemic, Universities and its Management trying their Utmost Best to increase the Depression of Students with Unprecedented Fee Hikes and Extreme Strictness towards the Students. Recently, FAST University issued a notice against some students for making MEMES on Facebook about University. #ShameOnFAST Trending as FAST University Expels Students for Posting Memes on Facebook.

A Charge Sheet containing Show-Cause Notice issued by the University’s Management against some Students who were ALLEGEDLY involved in spreading undesirable comments/remarks against the University Administration on Facebook.

As Per the Notice:

According to the Notice: It is alleged that students of the FAST university have been involved in misleading and trapping the students’ community and also involved in defaming, damaging repute and bringing bad name to the university.”

Expelling Students over Social Media Critique?

The World is getting revolutionized and Global Advancements are making Critiques Easily Accessible. However, in Pakistan, the Crackdown against the Vulnerable has always been Easy. It’s Still Unclear and Hard to tell who owns what/which kind of Page on Facebook. Perhaps, anyone can use any Person’s Name for Commenting or Posting. Instead of Investigating or maybe Clearing University’s Stance, Management Dictate their Orders by Expelling the Students.

As a matter of fact, the University Could use other laws and measures to Counter Criticism instead of Rusticating the Students. The move to expel the students is clearly against the principles of freedom of expression.

Students Suicides in Pakistan

Suicides among Pakistani Students are on the Rise. According to the Research, Many Pakistani Students are Committing Suicide for Over-Burden and Hyper-Tensions regarding the Fee-Hikes and Job Opportunities. So, Universities Should Rather Address these Issues instead of Expelling and Put a Full Stop on their Careers.

Students with a troubled conscience, when feel humiliation, find it extremely painful to face their friends, family and peers. Dealing with this feeling of disgrace is beyond the capacity of these students who have never been independent or who have never known to be disobedient to their parents or teachers. These circumstances make these students feel like losers and failures; they can no more face their peers against whom they have competed, making the situation even more intolerable for the young susceptible minds.

Recently, Many Pakistani Universities have increased their Semester Fee and that too in the Midst of the Pandemic. It’s Blase to see the Universities getting Selfish and not giving DAMN about their Students and their parents who might be not working or getting PAYS from their Respective Jobs.

On the condition of anonymity, one of the students alleged that FAST has just increased its fees from 8000 to 9500 per credit. Rs1500 per credit will make around Rs 24000 per semester and that too in the midst of this pandemic when people are already facing serious financial constraints.

#ShameOnFAST Trending as FAST University Expels Students for Posting Memes on Facebook

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