Shameless Policeman Stop Delivery Boy & Eat Somebody Else’s Order

 Shameless Policeman Stop Delivery Boy & Eat Somebody Else’s Order

Pakistan’s police is a team of dimwits who can do marvels to irk the public. To one’s surprise, they have no guts to mount guard on the uniforms they are donned in. Shameless Policeman Stop Delivery Boy & Eat Somebody Else’s Order.

Moreover, we are no more stumped again by a bizarre incident that occurred with a food delivery man in Lahore. “Police walay apka pizza kha gyay”…. Police stopped the delivery boy of pizza hut and enjoyed the dinner on road.

The Plot of the Immoral but Impeccable Felony

The squeaky-clean police of Pakistan enthralled the social media audience of its typical roadshow. Food delivery riders bang away in Pakistan. Apart from being employed on a little to nothing wage, these guys go through a lot. They are on bikes to deliver foodie lest in chilling nights or under the blazing sun.

Especially during these hard times, amidst the lockdown and pandemic, riders are essential frontline workers and protagonists, without capes and badges. To sum up, their struggle is actually real.

Though, a current incident that has come to the bow is an example of how easily their hard work is sacked. A social media user took it to Twitter and shared how an hour after placing an order at Pizza Hut, the delivery man called him and told him that the police stopped him and ate the pizzas. Abrupt misuse of power, don’t you think? Yes.

Deceptively, it is nothing new, and we are not surprised at all!

Just recently, the Lahore police made a young boy and his sister do sit-ups on the street after they botched to produce their national identity cards. Their power show is only for the poor to whom they can humiliate and disrespect.

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