Shameless Ibsham Zahid Threatens Media Reporter Even in Custody

 Shameless Ibsham Zahid Threatens Media Reporter Even in Custody

A few weeks earlier, a bad boy Ibsham Zahid came under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Fatima-Ibsham case garnered hype and ballyhoo in the media, and many celebrities peculiarly Feroze Khan came to her rescue. Social media was also a front-line warrior in the inexplicable case of stalking and harassing a poor frightened girl. A habitual meaner did not feel reluctant to show his nasty approach to media reporters. Shameless Ibsham Zahid Threatens Media Reporter Even in Custody.

The Power of Social Media

It was the first time when the netizens did not only clutch justice to a scary girl but also brought a mighty to his knees.

It was all started when a young girl named Fatima Amir Sheikh exposed the harasser and posted a series of tweets from his social media account and shared her misery. It was beyond belief that how could a 16 years old rich brat became so influential to make the whole family SICK AND REVOLTING. Ibsham’s abusive videos and voice notes are present on several social media podiums.

According to the Evidence,

“Ibsham was sexually harassing Fatima and forcing her to spend a night with him. Upon her refusal, Ibsham becomes violent and starts threatening Fatima and her family of dire consequences. He also started intimidating the victim’s family with his entire arsenal of weapons and munitions. When police refused to take action against this rich, influential brat, Fatima took his case to the court of Netizens, where users did not only listen to her but also started a full-fledge campaign by the name ‘IbshamZahidBehindTheBars to punish this little scoundrel. Soon this campaign caught the attention of the authorities and they ordered strict actions against the culprit. In a few days, Zahid along with his father got arrested by Law Enforcement agencies. But his body language was the SAEM.”

Ibsham Zahid Intimidating Media Reporters

Recently, a video is making rounds on social media in which incarcerated Ibsham Zahid is in his typical nasty mood. He is seen misbehaving and threatening the reporter of consequences.

The video shows a reporter asking questions to detained Ibsham Zahid and his father. Ibsham’s father’s meaningless claims about the video and weapons are nothing but NONSENSE.

“The video FIA had was not sent to them by Ibsham. It was sent by an Australian man who used to send weapons to him. He further claimed that his application is under process.”

Watch the video and infer Ibsham’s Depraved Fostering

Rassi Jal Gayi par Bal Nahi Gayya comes fit to Ibsham

Look at the boldness of this evil crony. Even standing in handcuffs, he had the shingle to lurk the media guy. The public of Pakistan anticipates from the law enforcement agencies to serve both father and son with strict punishments and longtime imprisonment.

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