See How Adnan Siddiqui Lashes Out at Indian Fan’s Pro-Israel Comment

 See How Adnan Siddiqui Lashes Out at Indian Fan’s Pro-Israel Comment

Adnan Siddiqui is lionized for being vocal on social issues. He has been considered one of the stellar personas of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Moreover, Mayray Pas Tum Ho star’s bugbear spell is not confined to the homeland only, Siddiqui is quite famous in India also. See How Adnan Siddiqui Lashes Out at Indian Fan’s Pro-Israel Comment.

Recently the charming actor is seen showing his rage and disappointment at Israel’s violence and human rights desecrations, calling out world authorities for being blind and deaf. That’s why he burst with anger when an Indian fan shared his pro-Israel sentiments in the comments, Siddiqui did not spare the guy rancorously.

A Viral Video of a 10 Years old Blubbering Palestinian girl shook the humanity

Uploading a video of a bawling 10-year-old Palestinian girl standing on the debris of a target of Israel’s extensively fired missiles, the actor shared his absolute consternation at the Palestinian realism. In the video, the young girl is seen in a blue funk, tears running down her face, as she feebly repeats the phrases “I’m a kid,” and “I don’t even know what to do,” and “I’m just 10.”


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Read of Siddiqui’s post is down and torn-up

“Something died in me when she said this,”

The helplessness in her eyes for her people and a droopy dream to become a doctor is trouncing. “That is the only way she sees to help her people,” he said.

“Imagine living in a world where the scales are always tipped against you. You are made increasingly aware of that, day after day, till you die, maybe to a bomb attack or shot by a sniper.”

He lashes out at the UN and Muslim Countries

He bellowed over the world’s silence and inaction, begging the question, “Why this apathy by the world? Are business interests and diplomacy more important than the future of these kids? You don’t need to be a parent to feel their pain, you just have to be a human being,”

He said he wanted to tell the Zionists today that “they are today the spitting image of people they despised the most: the Nazis.”

Soon after the post went up, one of Siddiqui’s several fans from across the border popped into a comment section with a typical Indian repugnance. The comment was deleted by the user before we were able to put an eye on it, but from their later comment, it is apparent that it was in the support of the Queen star Kananga Ranavut, in favor of Israel. Several Indians have expressed support for Israel on social media. Even in the follow-up comment, the user pledged his support for the Zionist state.

See How Adnan Siddiqui Lashes Out at Indian Fan’s Pro-Israel Comment

Siddiqui had an austerely worded response to the original comment!

Adnan Siddiqui demonstrates a broader concept of humanity to a small-town Indian fan

He brought into question the user’s view of humanity, calling it opaque and lopsided, using the same words for their knowledge of Israel’s cruelty. That, Siddiqui believes, explains why the support for subjugation is always an option for them. Siddiqui’s words were resonating with his unfeigned intellectual capabilities.

“The suffering of mankind is collective,” he established. Using it to justify why he stands with both Palestinians suffering at the hands of Israel, and Indians suffering at the hands of the novel coronavirus. He stands for humanity.

The user then issued a new one, a weirder one instead

He explained why he deleted the comment, saying it’s because he misidentified Siddiqui as Pakistani-born Indian musician Adnan Sami.

“You have all the right to support Palestine, and we Indians will always stand with Israel,”

In a world where odium, dogmatism, and violence can yield dirty reasoning, there is little room left to navigate our joint humanity. We appreciate Siddiqui’s apt reply and bid for the day when standing with and for humanity won’t need any explanation.

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