Sanam Saeed Working on Short Film Based on ‘Lahore Motorway Gang Rape Case’

 Sanam Saeed Working on Short Film Based on ‘Lahore Motorway Gang Rape Case’

The Lahore Motorway gang rape case has provoked convulsive movements in the arena of film making to air content on the walloping tragedy. Moreover, Ab Buss, a short film starring Sanam Saeed, narrating the mental mayhem caused by the recent rape of a woman on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. Sanam Saeed Working on Short Film Based on ‘Lahore Motorway Gang Rape Case’.

Nevertheless, many shrilling statements have been made time and again, following the horrific incident. Among several filthy slogans in Aurat March, a few have depth and virtual reality. For instance, ‘Akeli aurat zimmedari hai, mauqa nahin…’ (A lone woman is a responsibility, not an opportunity)

Sanam Saeed Working on Short Film Based on ‘Lahore Motorway Gang Rape Case’

It is produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari, the film shadows the story of a woman arming herself with extreme measures as she prepares to board on a long journey with her daughter. The short but striking movie released on the channel See Prime on YouTube, Ab Buss is a short story of fewer than 10 minutes but will hold the audience tight with the aid of suspense and some very fine acting.

There were ceaseless arguments on media as people marched out in protest of rape and support of the woman, holding placards printed with hard-hitting messages. Sometimes, however, a cinematic demonstration can help in streaming the message by giving goosebumps with a chronicle to bring change.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai actress expressed her agitation

“Women feel insecure anywhere in the world, where they may become victims of predatory behaviour. It’s a very smartly written film; simple, impactful, with a punchline right at the end. That’s the beauty of short films; their strength lies in delivering a message creatively and simply. it took only half a day to shoot. Sometimes when a short film is done well, you wish that it could be slightly longer.”

It is disappointing that movie can only be watched on the internet.. said the actress

“It is disappointing because I do think that such content should be made available for mass viewership, offering a broader perspective from what people see daily on their television screens. At the same time, the internet has allowed the film to be seen by a wide, international audience.”

Being a woman, Sanam’s philosophy on travelling alone

“I do think that a sense of insecurity is there but for most women, including myself, it’s become second nature to take precautions. I have been lucky; I have never been followed or harassed and I do tend to drive alone at night but I’d always inadvertently opt for a route that has more traffic or has police or rangers stationed in the vicinity. I’ll take a longer route if necessary and I wouldn’t loiter on the road alone. My car key and house keys would be within easy access. These precautions aren’t limited to Pakistan. I wouldn’t want to take the late-night subway in the US or go for a late-night stroll in the UK. Women feel insecure anywhere in the world where they may become victims of predatory behavior.”

The short film is a meek effort to create a more secure environment for women. A short film, with sturdy, crisp storytelling, broadcast on mainstream TV could help to bring the change or at least transform the depleting system.

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