Saba Qamar Shockingly Reveals About her Abusive Relationship of Eight Years in Viral Video

 Saba Qamar Shockingly Reveals About her Abusive Relationship of Eight Years in Viral Video

From Hindi medium to Baghi what pops up in mind is the “Fearless” Saba Qamar. There is a long list of accomplishments on her credit and her life is a huge inspiration for potentially talented youth who are interested to take a deep dive into the entertainment industry. Moreover, Saba Qamar’s life has been racing away for the past few years. She is undoubtedly a livewire of aptitude, revelation and commitment. Saba Qamar Shockingly Reveals About her Abusive Relationship of Eight Years in Viral Video.

Saba Qamar’s Career Trajectory is Interesting and REVEALING

Her “picks” shows her quench to get into contests and trials and to surprise always wins the battle. challenges, more so because she is extremely talented and is able to rise to them brilliantly. Like to give tribute to the former actress Shabnam, she danced in the grand finale at the Lux Style Awards. She was experiencing extreme back, nevertheless, she performed with complete harmony, no one can make a hunch that she is in intense pain on the stage dancing lively vibrantly… WAOO!

“I always had the energy to learn new things and achieve more, but I wasn’t as tough as I’m now.”

Saba Qamar Shockingly Reveals About her Abusive Relationship of Eight Years

When she sees herself in the past, she spotted lots of bugs there, like

“After the show, the event organizer told me that it wasn’t their practice to pay a first-timer. Another time, I worked in a drama for 15 days but the director only paid for two, telling me that he didn’t have more money. Back then, there weren’t any contracts, and since I had already shot the drama, there was nothing that I could do.“

Saba transformed into an acting powerhouse over time and said “But now no one would dare to trick me now! I make sure that the contracts and legal issues are all sorted. There is a lot that I have learnt through experiences.”

Miss Qamar Reaped Positive Energy from Doing Yoga

“I do a lot of yoga and it’s made me positive. I don’t get jealous or insecure. I barely pay attention to awards and nominations, and whether they are fair or unfair. If someone trolls me on social media, I’m not bothered. I don’t care if someone says something behind my back, or gets a role for which I was being considered. There will be other, better things that will come my way. Sometimes, I see memes made about a shoot that I’ve done and honestly, I usually find them very funny.”

Did “Hindi Medium” Contribute to giving Edge to her career?

“It definitely did. I was suddenly working with new people, in a different world, away from all these small politics. I was acting with a major star, Irrfan Khan, and being appreciated for my work. It made a huge difference.”

How does it feel to act with a school of acting, Irfan Khan?

“You know, while I was shooting the movie, I didn’t even know that he was the one who had selected me for it. It was only when I returned home and saw an interview of his that I found out that he was the one who had seen some of my work on the internet and decided to cast me. I felt bad that I had never thanked him for the opportunity. While shooting the movie, I would sometimes get irritated by him. Irrfan would never rehearse a scene beforehand. He would learn his lines and I would learn mine and then, we would just perform together, spontaneously. That’s just how he preferred to work and, after a few takes, we would be done. I have always been accustomed to rehearsing a scene, figuring out what pitch I should have, and I would feel anxious that, while we would spend so much time just chit-chatting, we would just never rehearse.”

She stays in India and bumped into the visa expiry, she revealed that:

“In fact, even my visa expired while I was there and I still had to shoot the movie for 15 more days. So, I just went to the police station, had tea there and they gave me an extension. I don’t get scared easily,No ‘pyari beti’ please!”

Award-Winning Drama Baaghi

Post Hindi Medium, it was this fearlessness that made her take on the role of Qandeel Baloch in the 2018 hit, award-winning drama Baaghi, one of her most memorable projects and also, one that pushed her through an emotional rollercoaster.

“I can’t lie, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Also, I hate it when my comments get misconstrued.”

She Posts on Instagram According to her MOOD

“That was a good picture, so I posted it,” Saba shrugs. “I don’t smoke but, even if I did, I wouldn’t go to great lengths to hide it. I can’t pretend to be a ‘pyari beti’ [sweet daughter] just to please people. And I think people love the fact that I’m genuine. We are living in a time when people appreciate reality a lot more than pretense and glamour.”

What Miss Qamar thinks about Marriage?

“I do want to get married one day, yes, but there is no desperation to rush into it,” she says. “I would want to be with someone who accepts me the way I am. And I don’t think I’d ever want to settle down and leave my career. I’ll always want to act, till my last breath!”

Covid-19 times

“I’m enjoying the peace; it had been a while since I had just sat down at home and relaxed.”

But she can’t sit back, in fact she is workaholic, a few days later, she started working on a YouTube channel of her own.

“I’m writing the content myself, figuring out how to film it, and I’m working with a team of young people. We’re all having virtual sessions and trying to figure out how to go about it. No, I can’t! I’m having so much fun working on this project and the response has been great so far. This is my latest project and I love projects — the more complicated, the better!”

Saba Qamar Shockingly Reveals About her Abusive Relationship of Eight Years

“These are sad times, but we will get through this. We just need to be careful right now and stay safe. As I am busy at home in making plans to shoot videos, I have written a lot of scripts. This space [YouTube] can allow me to be candid, speak my mind, make jokes, talk about things that I care about. And now, some of my musician friends from across the border have reached out to me, telling me that they will provide me with any music that I may need. There’s so much to do.”

Saba Qamar is undoubtedly a great actress and likes to live her life according to her choice and rules. She crafts her career paths and whittles out always that tends bewildering.

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