Rohail Hyatt & Jawad Indulge in Nasty Feud Provoked by PM’s Rape Comments

 Rohail Hyatt & Jawad Indulge in Nasty Feud Provoked by PM’s Rape Comments

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent comments on rape have ignited social media. Moreover, a debate has been triggered among the masses, even his ex-wife Jamaima Goldsmith does not like Khan’s statement. Rohail Hyatt & Jawad Indulge in Nasty Feud Provoked by PM’s Rape Comments.

PM’s rape comment gets Rohail & Jawad Into Ugly Fight has divided the social media. It all spurred when renowned singer Jawaid Ahmad called out the Coke Studio founder Rohail Hyatt for his comments about modest dressing while morally supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Hyatt is strongly bashed by the Twitter arena

Hyatt was severely disparaged on Twitter after he backed up PM’s impervious comment. He shared that the latter’s statement on rape had been taken out of context. The former Vital Signs member wrote, 

“I believe Imran Khan’s words have been taken out of context and a big ruckus is being created by the so-called champions of freedom and liberty.” 

Rohail Hayat & Jawad Indulge in Nasty Feud Provoked by PM’s Rape Comments

Jawad Ahmad gets annoyed and called out Hayat

 “Why are you talking stupid? Will you tell us which dresses are modest and which are not?” 

Both singers indulge in a revolting fight, Hayat responded to Mehendi singer,

“Because I am stupid. Since you’re wise, you can say wise things. See there’s balance in the universe. Something to be appreciated perhaps?”

The feud did not stop here….

In response, Ahmad concluded that Hyatt is just manipulating and have no idea of what is actually going on.

The argument further became offensive…

Ahmad believed the ex-Coke Studio producer was only playing poor people’s minds and trying to confuse them.

Ultimately, after swapping loads of more tweets, Ahmad put the ball in PM’s court to answer his question.

PM Khan’s statement that made the masses fuming

In a recent telethon, Khan blamed ‘fahashi’ [obscenity] for the rise in sexual crime against women and children in the country. More so, he labeled this vulgarity as a Western and an Indian import. Not only did he link the ubiquity of obscene behavior to sexual crimes but also camouflaged that these can somehow be ‘prevented’ if women observe ‘purdah’.

His exact words, that smoldered many

‘purdah would lessen the temptation of those who lack willpower.’ 

People are not ready to digest Khan’s words and censure the rampant victim-blaming culture. Meanwhile, the nation demands an apology from the PM.

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