Renowned TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away: Daikhti Ankho Sunty Kano ko TARIQ AZIZ ka Salam

 Renowned TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away: Daikhti Ankho Sunty Kano ko TARIQ AZIZ ka Salam

The voice of our childhood, the recognition of PTV, and the man other than whom no one can speak Urdu diligently HAS GONE. Renowned TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away: Daikhti Ankho Sunty Kano ko TARIQ AZIZ ka Salam!

Renowned radio and television anchor Tariq Aziz passed away in Lahore on Wednesday, his family confirmed. He was 84. The news has saddened entire Pakistan assiduously. He had a unique way to commence his show that was immensely popular and loved by the nation, Daikhti Ankho Suntay Kano ko TARIQ AZIZ KA SLAAM. Tariq Aziz was a man of encyclopedia and his love for his country was vibrant and subtle.

Little Detail for the Big Actor in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

Aziz was born in Jalandhar on April 28, 1936. After partition, his family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Sahiwal, where he received his primary education.

He commenced his career with Radio Pakistan in the 1960s and later went on to become Pakistan’s first television host. Besides, his voice was distinguishing and archetypical manly, and get famed in a short period.

Nailam Ghar…It’s being Nostalgic

His program Neelam Ghar — later named Tariq Aziz Show — started in 1974 on Pakistan Television and magnificently sustained for four decades. Tariq Aziz was one of the first TV anchors to gain commercial success by using the platform of the quiz show Neelam Ghar. He was also a poet and an actor and performed in several radio and television programs as well as in films.

Renowned TV Host Tariq Aziz Passes Away

His first film, Insaniyat, was released in 1967. Other notable titles he acted in include Salgirah, Qasam Us Waqt Ki, Katari, and Har Gaya Insan. Moreover, for his oeuvre amenities to the entertainment industry, he was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Award by the government in 1992. Aziz experimented in politics as well and was a member of the National Assembly from 1997-99 by beating Imran Khan.

Veteran host Tariq Aziz had Announced to Donate all his Assets to Pakistan in the Last Few Years of his Life

Tariq Aziz in a tweet announced that all his wealth and asset to Pakistan will be donated after his death. He also wrote in Urdu,

“Allah has not rewarded me, children, as it was all his power, therefore I announced to donate all my wealth and assets to Pakistan”.


اللہ پاک نے مجھے اولاد نہیں دی یہ خدا کی قدرت ہے جسے چاہے دے جسے چاہے نہ دے اور جسے چاہے دے کہ واپس لے لے۔۔۔۔۔۔ میں مرنے کے بعد اپنی ساری جائیداد دولت پاکستان کے نام کرتا ہوں

PM Khan Mourned his Death

In the wake of his death, many have gone on social media to pay their respects to the late TV personality. Among them was Prime Minister Imran Khan who went on to deem Aziz as a “pioneer”.  “Saddened to learn of the passing of Tariq Aziz, an icon in his time and a pioneer of our TV game shows. My condolences and prayers go to his family,” he said.

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