Ramiz Raja Advised Shoaib Akhtar to be in Limits While Criticizing Others on YouTube

 Ramiz Raja Advised Shoaib Akhtar to be in Limits While Criticizing Others on YouTube

The Rawalpindi Express is known for his Bold Statements, Serious Allegations to ruin the Careers of the Players. Recently, his Accusations against PCB’s Legal Adviser Tafazul Rizvi had got him a Legal Notice. Ramiz Raja Advised Shoaib Akhtar to be in Limits While Criticizing Others on YouTube.

Moreover, Rameez Raja did not slip tongue to tag someone peculiarly, but it is obvious for a former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar who is mostly known fort passing lurid statements. An Internationally renowned commentator advocated cautious lettering and avoid making stumbling annotations about someone.

Former Cricketers Initiated Youtube Channels to Channel Recreational Sporty Stuff

A number of former cricketers, of whom Raja himself is one, are on track to instigate their respective channels on YouTube over the past year or so. The video hosting site generates revenue by passing incendiary remarks by players on their corresponding channels. Though, Rameez Raja feels it necessary to understand the “power of mic” and the speaker’s responsibility to use responsible and mature phraseology to express his opinion.

The Perception Desires a Refined Selection of Words to Carry and Convey

The “advice” is referring to the indecent incident that took place in April when Akhtar accused PCB of harbouring crooked players, and also beleaguered the board’s legal adviser Tafazzul Rizvi. Despite being candid cricket mainstream is condemning Shoib Akhtar for his “poor choice of words”, and this is what Raja wants to comprehend. Just go through the lines Akhtar used for Rizvi.

“The PCB’s legal department is rotten to the core. Tafazzul Rizvi, in particular, is one such individual. He has deep connections and has been with the board for 10-15 years. There has never been a case that he has not lost. The thing that angered me the most was when he dragged Shahid Afridi in courts. I believe that stars are born and must be respected, and these lawyers use our high-profile cases to earn fame. He is an idiot of the highest order and has lost cases against me, Afridi, doping case … everything. What he does is that he pits PCB against its players and profits off of their legal wrangles. Akhtar took Rizvi and company to task over their gaffe that led to Pakistan Super League matches (PSL) 2020 gambled on. Umar Akmal can be banned for not reporting an approach but the legal department could not see that the PCB itself was making agreements that allowed a third party to make PSL matches available for gambling. The legal department did not spot that. When betting is illegal here then how come PSL matches were gambled on?”

Rizvi later ensued to file a defamation lawsuit in court and a grievance with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Though, Shoib Akhtar responded to the notice imprecisely.

“I’ve received a notice from Tafazzul Rizvi which is based on lies & fabrications. I stand by my words regarding the incompetence & unsatisfactory performance of Mr. Rizvi.”

Ramiz Raja Advised Shoaib Akhtar to be in Limits While Criticizing Others on YouTube

“Mic is a very powerful medium. It takes just two seconds to pull someone’s pants down so we need to be very careful. We need to be respectful and say things that are digestible. Cricketers must know their boundaries and should not stoop to levels that cause rifts. Cricketers living is tied up to airing their views on the game, and if they go too far, that could be taken away from them, which would be their loss and no one else’s.”

It is apposite to indicate here that Akhtar used to post multiple videos a week on YouTube before the purportedly defamatory video he posted about Rizvi, since then he did not upload any video. Most probably it is because of his impending legal squabble with Rizvi. Rameez Raja’s advice is “free of cost” and should be considered to avoid further legal inconveniences.

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