Rabi Pirzada Takes a U-turn from Her Words of “Indians Better Than Pakistanis”

 Rabi Pirzada Takes a U-turn from Her Words of “Indians Better Than Pakistanis”

Rabi Pirzada’s video and pics controversy are well-known by masses. But recently she is again in news for all the wrong reasons. Moreover, the daadi kuri is in hot waters for her discourteous statement about Pakistan and made her accountable. Rabi Pirzada Takes a U-turn from Her Words of “Indians Better Than Pakistanis”.

The former actress and singer made some impertinent comments about how the public and Pakistani’s have disillusioned her for not appreciating her painting enough. Likewise, she also expressed her aggression and frustration for insufficient moral support of Pakistani Awaam she was expecting on her leaked storm and wanted to flee for good. But it becomes offensive on the national level when the controversial star started comparing Pakistani’s with Indians. Despicable indeed!

Later, Pirzada takes back her Words – Deletes Tweet

Rabi Pirzada was bombarded with a lot of criticism, from almost every corner. Pakistani Twitterati called her a hypocrite, attention seeker, and mocked her for the flaws in her personality. Subsequently, Pirzada

Came up with her regretting views,

“I would never dream of leaving Pakistan. It is my nation and I love it to my heart and soul. If I ever have to leave my beloved country Pakistan, I would go to Mecca.”

Regardless of her apology, Twitteratis are not ready to spare her.

Rabi Pirzada Takes a U-turn from Her Words of “Indians Better Than Pakistanis”

The reason behind making a nasty statement is because of the portrait she painted and tweeted on Twitter, which according to her did not get her the expected appreciation. Rather, someone who did appreciate it beyond borders was an anti-Pakistan celebrity, Adnan Sami.

Along with that, the singer, Rabi Pirzada also mentions,

“I wish to leave Pakistan similar to Adnan Sami.”

This SINGLE LINE has triggered the nation and created a war between Pakistanis and Pirzada. And people are sending a lot of hate for her comment.

Sharing her painting on Instagram, Rabi wrote:

“I am from a pop music background, have been painting since 8 years of age, when I changed field and tried to paint my masterpiece, recorded its making video and sent it our arts legends to represent Pakistan, they sent me two more paintings worth millions and told me they need art like this, not mine. Do I have a right to protest? Will my Pakistani people support me? Do we need the talent to bring respect to our country, or shall we let the art industry die like other industries because of the wrong people in it? May Allah protect this country.”


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پوری دنیا جانتی ہی ہم کرپشن میں پہلے، بچوں سے ذیادتی میں دوسرے اور گندگی میں آٹھویں نمبر پر ہیں۔ کیونکہ ہم صرف دنیا کو اپنا گند دکھاتے ہیں۔ میں چیلینج کرتی ہوں میں ایک ایسی پاکستانی آرٹسٹ ہوں جس کا کام دنیا کے آرٹسٹس کے معیار کا ہے۔ مگر کتنے اخباروں سوشل میڈیا اور گورنمنٹ نے میرے کام کو سراہا ایک بھی نہیں۔ This whole world knows we are no 1 in corruption, 2 in child abuse, 8 th in dirtiest countries, do u know why? Because we are the only nation who projects and viral bad news about Pakistan. I challenge every artist of Pakistan and across the globe to compare my paintings with their work, but no channel, page or government will support me. Because it only makes Pakistan look better and talented. For Allah’s sake open your eyes and start promoting your talent. Help me in making Pakistan a talented country. Prayers Rabi 🙏🏻 00923008855559

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And, then she backs off from the twist

People are calling Pirzada discourteous and unthankful, and many of them have tried to memorize her moral support when her photographs got leaked. She managed to delete the post immediately and posted an “amending statement” to say the actual meaning of her words.


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