‘Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do’ Allama Iqbal’s Grandson Mortifies Dirty Politicians

 ‘Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do’ Allama Iqbal’s Grandson Mortifies Dirty Politicians

“Democracy is a great revenge”, but what is a democracy after all? Pakistan has been experiencing the nastiest and crumbled form of democracy for the last 45 to 50 years. ‘Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do’ Allama Iqbal’s Grandson Mortifies Dirty Politicians.

All that we have been observing for long is bad governance and misrule, is it democracy? Elected or non-elected government representatives damaged the country more than the autocrats. They ruled the country like kings, dismantled it, and overjoyed the benefits in form of money laundering and corruption.

The latest mayhem is the humiliation of Quaide’s tomb by PML-N in the name of self-determination and to show partisan power.

Taking about Ethics and Manners:

Politicians who are the hierarchs of the benefactors are meant to pay their responsibility to voice loud. Amongst the large group of the ham-fisted and ill-mannered politicians, Pakistan is also consecrated with the gallant descents of true patrons and benefactors of the nation. The grandson of Allama Iqbal thrashed the dirty politicians for violating the sanctity of the tomb.

‘Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do’ Allama Iqbal’s Grandson Mortifies Dirty Politicians

He is an expert lawyer, a senator from Punjab, and a politician. Waleed Iqbal is a grandson of Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal, whose name is an epitome of poise and reverence for Pakistan. His envisagement and deep analysis abetted Quaid in the establishment of one Muslim state, and now his grandson is resounding his legacy forward.

Hard-hitting speech of Waleed Iqbal!

Recently Waleed Iqbal has spanked the opposition and the entire PDM movement for the blasphemous slant towards the sanctity of Quaid’s tomb.

Condemning the incident piercingly, Waleed Iqbal raised his voice

“Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do, how they would feel if someone would have disrespected the tomb of Bhutto in the same way. These people showcase their mentality which cites that there is no respect, value, or dignity of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah near them. The CM Sindh condemned the incident and said whatever has happened was wrong, and then a kid (Bilawal) came forward and denied him. The entire Sindh government and Police protested after 48 hours, where they were before? What was happening inside? This is not only the political issue but the issue of our national heritage. The sanctity of our national heritage has been violated and all they are concerned about is FIR, broken doors, etc. Nobody cares about the sacredness of the tombs or the respect of the Father of the nation. I know that if this has happened on Mazar e Iqbal, I, my brothers and cousins would have thrashed them, and here they are disrespecting the Quaid’s Mazar?

“Oye, Quaid e Azam Ko Izzat Do Nalaiqon, Ahmaqon, Quaid Ko Izzat Do” Waleed Iqbal brutally thrashed them on the Senate floor

The Netizen Praised Waleed Iqbal For His Befitting Reply

Oh Man, what an inordinate reply! that was a palpable ferocious response, which had been missing since long!… adored every bit of it… The antagonism in his voice and his vehement stance was enough to disgrace the Sindh Government and demonstrate that he is the true lineage of Allama Iqbal. He evinced that nationalism and love for Quaid e Azam are runs in his blood.

Sir Waleed, We are proud of you.

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