Punjab and KPK Decided to Resume Public Transport with SOPs

 Punjab and KPK Decided to Resume Public Transport with SOPs

The Recent News Coming from the Government Officials and Ministry is that the Public Transport in Punjab and KPK is likely to resume from 18th of May. Is it too early to open Public Transport, Shopping Malls knowing the fact that Covid-19 isn’t gone yet? The WHO had already urged people to start living with it. Punjab and KPK Decided to Resume Public Transport with SOPs.

The Recent Notification from the PM’s office strictly ordered People to Standardized their Lifestyle while staying safe from the Noval CoronaVirus. Public Transport will be operationalized only if the Following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are met.

CoronaVirus Cases are Taking Sharp Rise in Karachi and other cities of the Province, So Sindh Backed-off from the Resumption of Public Transport.

Punjab and KPK Decided to Resume Public Transport with SOPs

Following an Appeal from Imran Khan to all the Provinces regarding the resumption of Public Transport, the KP government has announced the Resumption under the strict implementation of SOPs. Not Just Public Transport, but also the Shopping Malls will resume their Business Operations from 18th of May.

However, the Sindh Government Ruled out the Possibility of Resumption of Public Transport as they believe that the operation of buses and ride-hailing services could turn Karachi and other Sindh cities into Italy and Wuhan of China.

According to the notification, divisional commissioners through regional transport authorities, after due consultation with transporters on SOPs, will open intra-district and district to district transport through individual orders on routes deemed appropriate by them.

Earlier, while addressing a press briefing in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I believe that whatever steps we opt for must take into account helping the most affected — our lower-income strata of society.”

“When we shut public transport, we must remember we are making life difficult for the poor. So I request everyone to open public transport.

“The United States has not shut it nor has Europe. Why have we?”

Railway Operations?

Meanwhile, Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that train operations throughout the country can resume on a 24-hour notice period whenever Prime Minister Imran Khan gives the go-ahead.

While addressing at a press conference in Lahore, Rashid said that 540 train coaches have been readied following standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by the government. He added that the staff has been trained to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Hotels Restaurants Resumption?

Meanwhile, the most Visited Places like Hotels and Restaurants will remain closed until the next time. It’s quite risky to open the Hotels and Restaurants as it can clearly make the Subjects like Human more Vulnerable towards CoronaVirus.

Not Just Public Transport, but, Pakistan has also Resumed the Local Domestic Flights!

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