PTA Refuses The Court Orders and PUBG Will Remain Blocked in Pakistan

 PTA Refuses The Court Orders and PUBG Will Remain Blocked in Pakistan

The Interesting Clash Between PUBG Lovers and PTA has upgraded to the next level now. People are Furious to know that, despite court orders, Pubg is still facing the ban in the Country. PTA Refuses The Court Orders and PUBG Will Remain Blocked in Pakistan.

The Popular Online Game PUBG was Banned in Pakistan on 1st July after Several Complaints. However, Islamabad Hight Court Approved a Petition and ordered the authorities to lift the Ban on PUBG on Immediate Basis. Now, it seems like PTA is IGNORING the Court Orders and will implement its Ban!

How It All Started?

As We Mentioned Above, PTA Received Several Complaints from Different Sections of Society as of how Parents and Relatives are Concerned about the Toxic Addiction of the Game and terrible side effects on their Kids.

PTA had grave objections regarding the Mental and Physical Illness Due to the Bad Addiction of the Game. Besides violence and addiction, the authority said PUBG made people less productive.!

“Sitting around in one place and playing for long hours is not good for physical health. Staring at the computer screen for long hours can affect eyesight and cause a headache,” the order states.

However, when PTA Banned the PUBG, people started bashing the authorities and a continuous online protest abrupted. All the gamers joined hands together to force the authorities to lift the ban on PUBG. Celebrity Waqar Zaka took the opportunity to address his followers that he’ll be fighting the Authorities. So, Game Lovers Finally Won the Case and Islamabad High Court Orders to Lift the Ban!

PTA Refuses The Court Orders and PUBG Will Remain Blocked in Pakistan

However, even though, the Islamabad High Court has ordered PTA to lift of the ban from the famous game PUBG, it seems that PTA might have a mind of its own. Not only they are refusing to accept the order, rather, but they have also completely turned a deaf ear to the notice.

The Twitterati is flooded with complaints where they are asking Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into this matter.

Although, ironically it does make us wonder, if Pakistani unite in a similar way for actual reasons, how rapidly we can bring about a positive change. For instance, if Pakistani’s actually unite for actual causes like rape culture, feudalism, harassment, the outcomes and changes will truly be amazing and worth it.

However, PUBG has been a Stress Relief Dose for all the People during this Lockdown. Let’s Just Hope That People Gets to taste that Dose more Often!

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