PSL 6 Anthem Generates Hilarious Memes as ‘Groove Mera’ Trends on Twitter

PSL 6 Anthem Generates Hilarious Memes as ‘Groove Mera’ Trends on Twitter

PSL is a national craze so its anthem should be hypnotic enough to allure cricket enthusiasts. Almost as per custom by now, Twitter started inundating with memes right after the release of Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) sixth official anthem on Saturday. People have their heads messed with the newly featured anthem. PSL 6 Anthem Generates Hilarious Memes as ‘Groove Mera’ Trends on Twitter.

‘Groove Mera’… what is it’s about?

Titled Groove Mera, the song is struggling to get fame and praise. It is composed and produced by former EP frontman Xulfi and Adnan Dhool, it is still disoriented and shell-shocked for its spectators. And the blend of Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners, is in a desperate strait. But does that mean it hits the right chords? Not really, especially not with its production in some places. So how could the internet ignore the wrong and tearing recipe, it awakes right away!

PSL 6 Anthem Generates Hilarious Memes as ‘Groove Mera’ Trends on Twitter

Netizens are quickly dishing out criticism on Twitter, saying the hearing song was their biggest mistake. Others simply couldn’t decipher the words and many questioned the lyrics.

Not everyone is grooving to ‘Groove Mera’ by Naseebo Lal, the Young Stunners, and Aima Baig.

Most-prodigious event is accustomed by the most-cumbersome acoustics

Pakistan’s biggest sporting event, the Pakistan Super League (PSL), is cherished every year, the first buzz is around its anthem. Twitter can’t decide if it hates or loves the new PSL anthem

The PSL 6 anthem features Naseebo Lal, Young Stunners, and Aima Baig and it’s called ‘Groove Mera’.

Groove Mera is a mix of the traditional vocals of Naseebo Lal, rap by the Young Stunners, Aima Baig’s power vocals, and a catchy beat, that is, in reality, is besieged to be grabby. The music video premiered on February 6 and already has 2.5 million views on YouTube, for all the wrong reasons. But it is pertinent to note that PSL is a real obsession, it’s in the lyrics: “Aaj dekhe ga crowd mera groove TV pe” which translates to the crowd will see my groove on TV today.

The music video also featured people watching matches on TVs, mobile phones and laptops and Wahab Riaz patting a TV in a stadium, accentuating how this year’s PSL will be different because of the pandemic. While the tournament begins on February 20 at Karachi’s National Stadium — the first battle would be in between the Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators — the chatter right now is all about the song (we haven’t forgotten last year’s drama).

Twitter is Pouring the Mixed Response

Twitter is alienated over the song, with some people reminiscing about Ali Zafar’s anthem yet again and others enjoying how catchy the PSL 2021 version is. Others are not getting the meaning of “groove”.

Here are the relatable memes.

What did you think of Groove Mera? Let us know in the comments below.

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