PM Imran Khan Hikes Petroleum Prices to 118 and People are FURIOUS

 PM Imran Khan Hikes Petroleum Prices to 118 and People are FURIOUS

Prime minister Imran Khan approved the fuel burden. Oil and Gas Development Authority (OGRA) presented the summary to trek the fuel prices. The decision to shoot petroleum prices was taken on Wednesday 31st July 2019 to be applied nationwide by August 2019. PM Imran Khan Hikes Petroleum Prices to 118 and People are FURIOUS at this Shameful decision of Government.

Updated Petrol Price is Carnage for Pakistanis

Petrol prices are interlinked with numerous product and fare prices and people are fuming and as usual HELPLESS to bear the unwanted burden. Petrol is jacked up by 5.15 rupees and ready to tattered the poor nation’s already torn pockets.

A Dire Upsurge in Petroleum Product Rates

The price surge in petroleum products is awful even warful for people. Even the prices of diesel, kerosene oil and light diesel are increased by Rs 5.65, Rs 5.38 and 8.90 correspondingly. So, People have nowhere to go.

Dreadful Pictorial Display of the Hiked Price List

The consoling logic behind the trek was the bump in crude prices in the global market.

Petrol Rs. 117.83
Diesel Rs. 132.47
Kerosene oil Rs. 103.84
Light diesel Rs. 90.52

Government’s Muddled Approach Regarding the Prices of Petroleum Products

In June the government had bumped petrol and high-speed diesel price by Rs. 4.26 and Rs. 4.5 respectively. People are annoyed and depressed. The government assured the nation that there will be no more hikes in the future. Nonetheless, it just backed out from its own proclaimed statement and approved the terrible SURGE.

The Immediate Impact of Hiked Petroleum Product Prices on the Layman living

The impact would be gloomy as the surge will consequence the shoot in transport fare, cost of production will be increased and will affect the price of the finished products. Although, The opposition is strongly opposing the bewilder decision of the government.


Those Supporting this Tabdeeli are Either Rich ASF or Dumb ASF!

Pakistaniooo!! Ghabrana Nahi ha!

That’s the Best Solution for Pakistanis in Coming FUTURE! We can either use Bicycles or start walking to our destinations!

And, Complementary BALD-GUY MEME!

PTI Government Should be Ashamed of their Non-directional Policies!

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