People are Calling Falak Shabbir’s Recent Video ‘Chichora Pan’

 People are Calling Falak Shabbir’s Recent Video ‘Chichora Pan’

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir is one of the most adored couples of the Pakistan entertainment industry. Their whirlwind romance doesn’t seem to vague a bit as the much in love celebrity duo are still acute on projecting couple-goals to the world. But the couple’s recent video is giving the singer a tough hard response. People are Calling Falak Shabbir’s Recent Video ‘Chichora Pan’.

Their love has been the talk of the town as the 35-year-old crooner makes sure to meet his wife with a beaming face and a beautiful flower. Moreover, keeping up with his quixotic gigs, this time around the Ijazat singer had a swanky trick up the sleeves to woo wifey Sarah Khan again.

Die-hard romance is observed with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers

Recently, Falak shared a video on his social media handle where the lovey-dovey couple can be spotted with lots of flowers he bought for Sarah with a customized twist as the bouquet had the name “Sara” on it. Couple is always seen meeting couple goals in astounding ways. Their love and affection have taken over social media. Since the couple had tied the knot, both Sarah and Falak are pouring unconditional love through their social media accounts. Falak Shabir is always seen startling his wife by giving her a bouquet of flowers and red roses every single day.

Recently Falak shared a video on his Instagram account in which he is showing of a huge and beautiful bouquet of flowers he bought for Sarah. But this time the singer lands in hot waters on showing love gesture to his wife.


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Falak is raising the bar every time he gives Sarah flowers but netizens are now thinking something different. Let’s have a look on how public reacted on Falak’s recent video.

People are Calling Falak Shabbir’s Recent Video ‘Chichora Pan’

The couple got married back in 2020 in an intimate wedding ceremony. The newlyweds have been the talk of social media ever since.

What would you say about the video and how far the public reaction is justified?

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