Pakistan’s Judiciary Acquitted Ex-MPA Majeed Achakzai In Traffic Warden Hit-And-Run Case

 Pakistan’s Judiciary Acquitted Ex-MPA Majeed Achakzai In Traffic Warden Hit-And-Run Case

Pakistan’s judiciary should be slapped hard if they can not protect AIK AAM SHEHRI ..AIK AAM SARKARI MULAZIM. Pakistan’s Judiciary Acquitted Ex-MPA Majeed Achakzai In Traffic Warden Hit-And-Run Case.

The same brutality was captured and exposed by Ashir Azeem in the movie Malik and the political class disliked the content to the extreme to ban it. Because it has unveiled the nasty and foul pragmatism of the so-called law-lords system. A local court in Quetta on Friday acquitted the former member of the Balochistan Assembly Abdul Majeed Khan Achakzai in the traffic warden hit-and-run case.

Do u want to know the Reason?? It is Really INSANE!

The reason? Because the court could not find any evidence against the former MPA and Pakistanis. Why our system is SOMMUN BOOKMUN OOMYUN???

Achakzai was arrested in June 2017, days after a speeding vehicle belonging to him, hit and ran over traffic warden Haji Attaullah at Quetta’s GPO Chowk. Video of the incident made rounds on social media.

Dejectedly, the warden lost his life at the hospital after suffering from serious injuries. A cyclist, Abdul Ghafoor Baloch was also injured by Achakzai’s vehicle. The incident can be seen in a video clip, but needs eyes and conscious from which our system is deprived of.

Pakistan’s Judiciary Acquitted Ex-MPA Majeed Achakzai In Traffic Warden Hit-And-Run Case

Achakzai, the Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) ex-MPA, was charged with public slaying for running over a traffic warden.

At first, police registered a case of the accident against well-recognized anonymous persons. Though, as soon as CCTV footage went viral on social media, Balochistan police registered a case against the former MPA. It is experienced social media is the new podium to demand justice, and Law and enforcement institutions are SLEEPING BEAUTIES.

On June 25, 2017, Achakzai was detained from his residence under the charges of terrorism, murder, and attempt to murder. Civil lines police had submitted a challan in the Anti-Terrorist Court. However, the terrorism charge was later withdrawn as police failed to prove its charges in this regard. How police failed to present witness and proofs, is not a damn secret.

Later, the case was shifted to the model court where the case lingered on for three years.

And finally, as usual, INSAAF KI MOT HOI and the court ruled in his favor by giving him the advantage of the doubt. Presiding Judge Dost Muhammad Mandokhel of a model court acquitted Achakzai, and DOST fulfilled his right of DOSTI with the big name.

Achakzai was present in the court along with his lawyers Kamran Murtaza, Khalilur Rehman, Noor Jan Buledi, and Jaffar Awan when the judge announced the judgment. In addition to this, the court’s detailed judgment has not been issued as yet. Is CCTV footage isn’t a crystal clear evidence? Not even a single person has eyes to watch the deadly proof?

Achakzai allegedly hit and ran over the warden after the latter ordered him to stop at GPO Chowk. It lies in the maximum-security area of Balochistan’s capital. It was not an accident, rather than a deliberate act on the MPA’s part once CCTV footage of the incident surfaced over social media.

The immoral Reports Regarding the high morals of Achakzai

Moreover, there were also reports of Achakzai being drunk and driving frantically when the officer signaled him to pull over. Another footage of Achakzai also went viral which showed him swapping punitive words with a warden and then running him over. Achakzai was even confessed that he drove his official vehicle when the accident took place. His haughty words in this regard,

“I would settle the issue by paying compensation to the family of the late traffic sergeant as well as the injured passerby.”

Public outrage erupts on the injustice by the Quetta court

It is a sequel of a heinous act that would go scot-free. People are abhorring the criminal behaviour of the former MPA. Moreover, they are demanding the CJP to take notice of the injustice with the trending hashtag #CJPtakenotice on Twitter.

Despite more than adequate evidence, the court got off Achakzai scot-free. Why is our judicial system destitute before high and mighty? Access to justice has become a nonentity but mere derision in a country like Pakistan where the poor suffer hard and the persuasive people get away with mayhems.

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