Pakistani Movie Donkey King Gets Amazon Prime Release in English: HUGE ACHIEVEMENT

Pakistani Movie Donkey King Gets Amazon Prime Release in English: HUGE ACHIEVEMENT

The Donkey King is a 2018 Pakistani computer-animated comedy film directed by Aziz Jindani. The film features the famous voices of the industry, for instance, Jan Rambo, Ismail Tara, Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, and Jawed Sheikh. It was released in Pakistan on 13 October 2018 by Geo Films and Talisman Studios. Pakistani Movie Donkey King Gets Amazon Prime Release in English. The movie’s English dubbed version is now available in the USA and UK, and it is undoubtedly proud moments for the country.

The featured film is Pakistan’s highest-grossing animated flick that is ready to influence the USA and UK with dubbed English release on Amazon Prime Video. The Donkey King is a movie of satire featured in a sugar-coated style to explain the rotten system in a tongue in cheek manner. Moreover, it has made a momentous success that denies outside controls to dwindle reality.

Pakistani Movie Donkey King Gets Amazon Prime Release in English

The film had been adored by all ages even a whopping of journalists and politicians watched the movie.  Though it has had dubbed theatrical release in 10 countries including Spain, Korea, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine amongst others, and it is a huge success of the industry.

The Bombastic TV Premiere of the Donkey King Disrupts all Previous Records!

The donkey king’s TV premiere had successfully smashed viewership records and made a historic conquest. Here and now it is dubbed in English and available-on-demand wholly on Amazon Prime Video in USA & UK.

Aziz Jindani, the Creator of Donkey King, while Expressing his Views said

 “The Donkey King’s continued global acceptance underscores that when content is built on universal truths & insights it can transcend geographies and language. The film has been dubbed in more than 10 languages now and when I watched the English version, it was so good, I forgot that the original language was Urdu.”

The Plot of Animated Movie

The film has made a huge commercial success on the domestic and global spectrum. Moreover, it is a Mangu’s unusual story, a donkey, who becomes a king by chance. The donkey king has opened great avenues for the Pakistani film industry, penetrating global markets with its prodigious success.

Digital platform release did have to do with the current pandemic, which is rather gloomy as we’re sure the film justifies a dramaturgical release in the USA and UK as it had with other countries. Though, we believe the film will get global appreciation as it has been already garnering.

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