Pakistani Female Doctors are Facing Harassment even During COVID-19 Pandemic

 Pakistani Female Doctors are Facing Harassment even During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Entire World is united on a Single Podium to tribute Doctors and Paramedical Staff who are Serving Humanity irrespective of Religion, Caste and even without considering their health and tiredness. But, some Douchebags in Pakistan are still finding their ways to harass the frontline heroes. Pakistani Female Doctors are Facing Harassment even During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Nevertheless, in a Spell of Distress and Disenchantment, still, men have time to Harass Female Doctors and Paramedical staff, and IT IS REALLY DISGUSTING!

When and How our People be Matured and Groomed??? MAYBE NEVER…..

Where doctors are offering their services in a crisis like no other, some men are trolling them with vulgar messages. Moreover, doctors across Pakistan and all over the world are front zone fighters with coronavirus pandemic. Time and money all left behind, their priority is to treat patients and make them aware of the attacker moving around, and in return female doctors are getting rubbish. Although a lot of them are working assiduously in hospitals – far away from their families and risking their own lives. Moreover, 24/7 engaged in testing and treating patients. Countless volunteered workers offering their services to raise awareness and made themselves available to exclude apprehensions regarding airborne contagion.

Our un-sung heroines are getting obscenity instead of respect, and it is PATHETIC!

All around social media, societies are sharing their gratitude for medical workers, calling them heroes and warriors. Assuredly, they’re getting the respect they deserve, right? Yeah, males are getting it, but unfortunately, our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters are still deprived of THE DUE RESPECT.

Pakistani Female Doctors are Facing Harassment even During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the time of Distress and Chaos Predators are still OUT even in lockdown to harass women in the medical field. Even a pandemic can’t stop Marauders from Harassing Women in the Medical Field who are Employing their time to help those in need.

Dr. Anza, Fizza and a Few Volunteers Shared the Horrifying Visual and Face to Face Happenstances

“It starts right from when you join the med school. If you mention it on your social media profile or even hint at it, the messages start pouring. What’s weird is how they always start in an eerily ‘respectful’ manner, saying ‘Hello doctor sahiba’ and then it goes off in a bad direction. Sometimes it’s from other doctors – or people claiming to be doctors/med students.”

Fizza Revealed that she also Backed out of Volunteering because it was too much to Tolerate and Digest

“Sometimes they would start off as a real patient but things would take a shift. And I’d ignore it a lot because I’d think, ‘They’re just trolls’, but sometimes the messages would be too graphic and come with pictures and videos that would just ruin my day. I knew of such things happening but seeing it for myself was depressing.”

Aleeza, the founder of an online telemedicine company, opened up more about the “virtual harassment”

“We have an app through which patients can directly connect with female doctors and have a consultation via chat, audio or video call. Last Saturday, we made our app free for the coming three months so that people could use it during this pandemic, to ask about COVID-19 symptoms, screenings etc especially because of the lockdown and the load in hospitals, a person shouldn’t have to go in just for a consultation. We made the app free to help people and every now and then, someone calls to say ‘I love you’ to a doctor who could be helping a person who needs it, saying ‘Please talk to me’, ‘What are you doing’, ‘Tell me about yourself’. As soon as someone starts doing so, we block them. We’ve had enough to know how to deal with them now.”

People paid to troll female doctors who ARE DOING THEIR JOBS

“Around two months ago, we had a spammer attack where a number of men started calling all our doctors, booking their slots, which the doctor couldn’t unbook for another patient and bombarding them with missed calls. The doctors couldn’t see any other patients. Then those guys started having inappropriate conversations, sending vulgar pictures and porn site links within the session… Again, this was when the app wasn’t even free. They were paying to do all this! I guess we did make good money from it.”

Aleeza and her team took immediate action to push back the Mentally Sick people

“We reported it and added some checks and balance on our app after which it reduced significantly but they’re still there. I work with doctors who come back to work. The main purpose of my company is to bring female doctors who’ve left the field back into the workforce. So many aspiring doctors end up quitting after marriage. It takes a lot for them to convince their family for why they need to come back to work even though this is a manageable way to do so. Some of my doctors actually said they can’t do this because when they come back to work and they get this treatment, their family becomes very upset. During the spam attack, a lot of them got disturbed and demotivated. We do our best to help our doctors but it’s sad that we have to mentally prepare them for this. There should be more talk about this because a lot of hospitals are using telemedicine now. A lot of doctors especially female doctors will face this abuse.”

According to Dr Tooba, a Volunteer Doctor is also Dejected

“They want a response out of you. Whether it’s angry or complicit. They know no matter what they do and no matter how you respond, you will bear the brunt of it all. That’ the victim-blaming culture. I’m a vocal person, so the first time a guy started saying gross things, I was angry and was yelling at him. Thankfully, my family is understanding about such situations but they worry about me. I don’t blame them, just like I don’t blame the women who aren’t volunteering anymore. It takes a toll on you.”

Look at the Debauched Images of Visual Harassment, a few of them Contained Extreme Abusive and Vulgar Language… AND WE HAVE TO CROP THEM

It is pathetic and we would discourage it in open words and with shrilling vocals.

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