Pakistani Dr Naqeeb Develops Mobile App for Instant Covid-19 Testing

Pakistani Dr Naqeeb Develops Mobile App for Instant Covid-19 Testing

It is like batting a thousand to develop a mobile app to avoid inconveniences of testing COVID-19. Pakistani Dr Naqeeb Develops Mobile App for Instant Covid-19 Testing.

A Toronto-based Pakistani doctor has developed a mobile application for an instant covid-19 diagnostic test, reported Radio Pakistan. It is undoubtedly crowd-pleasing news, especially for Pakistanis.

Little info of the Person Who Deserves Snap to Attention

Naqeeb graduated from King Edward Medical University in 1983, later he assimilated experience in the invention of medical devices and schemes. Raza Bashir congratulated Dr Naqeeb for his humbling and majestic achievement and during a video conversation with Naqeeb said,

“The Idea of the coronavirus test being displayed and communicated on the mobile phone was novel and laudable.”

Dr. Naqeeb Khalid who led the development of the mobile-based diagnostic test for covid-19 told the High Commissioner for Pakistan to Canada Raza Bashir Tarar,

“My application is based on the digital platform that delivers the result instantly on any smartphone and can communicate or store the results along with time and GPS information.”

The commissioner expressed his raves over the huge victory

“We hope that such a quick, hassle-free, handy, and deep-pocketed innovation would help the humanity in a great way for incapacitating the current pandemic and fighting viruses causing tropical diseases such as dengue, etc.”

The high commissioner added,

“Clinical trials of the innovation would prove its efficacy for the Covid-19 test and pave the way for necessary approvals before being put to use at the mass level. We would convey our best wishes to Dr. Naqeeb.”

Dr. Naqeeb’s brother, Dr. Najeeb, who team up in the development of the mobile system said,

“The application will be available for download from the AppStore for Instant, accurate and low-cost testing that does not rely on laboratory testing. It is indispensable in comprehending the pandemic and together with vaccines, we can control the Covid-19 rash and retrace our steps towards lives and economies to get normal”.

We would extend our clap and pat to Dr. Naqeeb and Dr. Najeeb.

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