Pakistani Born Ali Zaidi Named as White House Deputy Climate Coordinator

Pakistani Born Ali Zaidi Named as White House Deputy Climate Coordinator

Muslims are making headlines in the arenas of academics, medicine, science, and politics on the global spectrum. Another Pakistani living in the United States gets the maximum Limelight through its remarkable achievement. Pakistani Born Ali Zaidi Named as White House Deputy Climate Coordinator.

Pakistan-born Ali Zaidi has been appointed as the deputy White House Climate Coordinator in the list of key members of US President-elect Joe Biden’s climate team. It would be apprehensive for Muslims and peculiarly Pakistanis for momentous reasons.

Ali Zaidi, a Man of Bewildering Abilities

Ali Zaidi grew up in the Rust Belt outside Erie, Pennsylvania, after migrating from Pakistan and he studied at Harvard and Georgetown Universities.

Currently, working as New York’s deputy secretary for energy and environment, Zaidi embraces the highest-ranking position as Pakistani-American in the Biden administration.

According to media sources,

“Ali will be working under Gina McCarthy, who ran the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under former President Barack Obama and is currently leading a major advocacy group, to coordinate the new administration’s domestic climate agenda.”

Read of the statement of Joe Biden when announcing his hit-squad

“This brilliant, tested, trailblazing team will be ready on day one to confront the existential threat of climate change with a unified national response rooted in science and equity. They share my belief that we have no time to waste to confront the climate crisis, protect our air and drinking water, and deliver justice to communities that have long shouldered the burdens of environmental harms”.

“Zaidi is a leading climate expert and longtime advisor to the president-elect. He helped draft and implement the Obama-Biden Administration’s Climate Action Plan and negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement. Zaidi brings the cross-sector and multi-disciplinary experience needed to deliver a whole-of-government response to the climate crisis”.

The Biden team has also been given to the Americans of Indian origin, including Neera Tanden, who will be the director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Vivek Murthy, his nominee for surgeon general.

Pakistan anticipates a square deal from the US newly cut government.

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