Pakistan Tingles India By Putting Up New Political Map With Kashmir At SCO

 Pakistan Tingles India By Putting Up New Political Map With Kashmir At SCO

India confronted disgrace on an international pedestal and Pakistan has cleaned sweep the neighbouring country on the diplomatic spectrum. The tickling concern would be where and how?? Pakistan Tingles India By Putting Up New Political Map With Kashmir At SCO.

Take a deep breath and embrace the triumph, it has happened during an online meeting of national security advisers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The plot of the victory is below the lines…

How India is Mortified at SCO online Meeting?

India has documented its objection about the display of Pakistan’s new political map, that is later rejected by the SCO on Tuesday. The map was visible in the background during Dr. Moeed Yusuf’s participation in the meeting.

Ajit Doval was presenting India in the meeting and he demurred the positioning of Kashmir on the map. The SCO rejected India’s prerogative and subsequently, Ajit Doval left the meeting when Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Security Dr. Moeed Yusuf was making a speech. Though, to everyone’s surprise, none of the joining nations, including the host Russia, buoyed India. The incident manifests India’s loneliness on the global board regarding Kashmir. When it comes to Kashmir, India has no supporters in the global arena.

Dr. Yusuf later Pronounced the Indian Reaction as “Unfortunate”.

Pakistan’s new political map was crafted by PM Imran Khan…. Thanks, Captain, for smacking India

Prime Minister Imran Khan in March this year, divulged a new political map of the country that truly represented the ambitions and objectives of the nation. Pakistan’s new map has the entire Kashmir region as part of the country, and it has annoyed India and euphoric the nation! Pakistan’s new map also null and void India’s occupational illicit action of August 5 last year.

According to Dawn,

“The fight over the display of the new map started a few days back during a test call for the conference, where India noticed it in the background. Far along, India protested to Russia, which was hosting the meeting. Though, Pakistan rejected the Indian position and refused to remove the map.”

Pakistan Tingles India By Putting Up New Political Map With Kashmir At SCO

“The new political map represented the country’s rights and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.”

The SCO also approved Pakistan’s stance. Dr. Yusuf conducted the meeting with the new political map on display clearly in the background.

Twitter OPPORTUNELY reacts to Indian humiliation at SCO

Poor India, we are not sorry for detestable comments on twitter rather than we are enjoying your frenzy over Pakistan’s new map. Yeah, we know it sweltering and even Burnol cannot soothe you. But, Pakistan will never back out from its nation’s aspirations and Kashmir cause on any platform. Count down has started ticking, soon Kashmir will be a free state… INSHALLAH

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