Orya Maqbool Jan Condemn Ramadan Shows Hosted by Showbiz Celebrities

 Orya Maqbool Jan Condemn Ramadan Shows Hosted by Showbiz Celebrities

Ramadan is a consecrated month in which blessings are showered by Allah. Moreover, a debate gets enthused each year concerning the celebrities and non-religious personas and their calibre to host Ramadan transmissions. Orya Maqbool Jan Condemn Ramadan Shows Hosted by Showbiz Celebrities.

Besides getting into the “Contest of Higher Scoring”, the objective should be to acquire knowledge and for it, a host should have required knowledge. Affirming the same plethora of concerns, a well-reputed columnist of Pakistan plausibly elucidated the situation.

Recently, Fahad Mustafa is under fire of being “ignorant and dissipatedly heedless” of displaying a cleavage shot on Ramadan live show which made people wince. Orya Saab thumps the unmindful path blindly taking by media just to lift ranking is REVOLTING!, AND IT IS SOMETHING RATIONAL TO DISPARAGE.

Orya Maqbool Jan Condemn Ramadan Shows Hosted by Showbiz Celebrities

”Have you ever called any religious cleric and asked him to talk about the dramas being made? Check out the direction? Ever got any cooks on the current affairs show and asked them about the world’s political attire? That will just fade the reason as the person won’t know religion deeply. For that, you find a person who knows about foreign policy, political science, or someone who knows about films or has seen direction. Here, people who can’t read Quranic verses and can’t even recite the Qalma Tayyaba are speaking authoritatively about religion. Being a host is different. If I read a Quranic verse in front of you but you don’t know its meaning, then it’s of no use.”

TV shows are Disfiguring the True Connotation of Ramadan, JAAN stated

”Leave trading and children and come towards Jumma ( Friday prayers). You don’t know that whatever you spend on trading and children, it’s (Friday prayers) better than that. Indeed Allah is the best planner. If you’ll leave these television programs, then Allah will lead you in a better way. But, we don’t want that. Secondly, these transmissions are specifically designed to waste two prime hours of the day. And both the hours are said to be the prayer fulfilling ones. However, our Ramazan preparations are that check whether a certain actor is free or not. Check whether the band is available or not. Have the gifts arrived or not? Unfortunately, this is our Ramadan.”

The Crux of the Matter

Deceptively, the issue is taken under fire each year and seems reasonable too. A person holds an avatar per his expertise, how come the glamour enters the holy spirit nevertheless, it needs to stop to fallback the actual gist of Ramadan. We are agreed with Orya Maqbool Jaan.

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