Nigar Johar Became 1st Female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army: Proud Moment

 Nigar Johar Became 1st Female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army: Proud Moment

Major General Nigar Johar is a paradigm in Pakistan Armed Forces, yet another momentous moment in her career set in, Major General Nigar Johar has become Pakistan’s first female officer to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. Nigar Johar Became 1st Female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army: Proud Moment.

She is the epitome of being delimited and her constancy for her profession, womanhood, and Pakistan. News is cracked in the media by the military’s media.

Nigar Johar Became 1st Female Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army

She hails from Panjpeer village, in Swabi district, the statement added. Moreover, in 2017, the newly promoted lieutenant-general became the third woman officer in the history of the Pakistan Army to scope the rank of major general.

She is the daughter of Col Qadir, who served in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and is the niece of retired Maj Mohammad Aamir, a former Pakistan Army officer who served in the ISI as well.

Major General Nigar Johar is a Shining Example to Demonstrate a “True Pakistani Woman”

She is the honoured daughter of respected parents who must be proud today on her shining victory, unfortunately, both her parents died in a car accident 30 years ago. According to PID, not only is the newly promoted lieutenant-general a doctor, but also a sharpshooter.

She completed her schooling from Presentation Convent Girls High School, Rawalpindi, and graduated from Army Medical College in 1985.

In 2015, she received a Masters’s degree in public health from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore She also has the honour of being the first woman officer to be given command of a unit/hospital of the armed forces.

Congratulatory Tweets Extend by Pakistan Political Fraternity and DG ISPR

DG ISPR expressed being honoured and privileged for Major General Nigar Johar as positioned the first female lieutenant general in Pakistan Armed Forces.


Major General Nigar Johar, HI (M) promoted as Lieutenant General. She is the 1st female officer to be promoted as Lieutenant General. The officer has been appointed as 1st female Surgeon General of the Pak Army. Lieutenant General Nigar Johar hails from Panjpeer, District Swabi KPK.

Shehbaz Sharif

Shehbaz Sharif also greet Major General Nigar Johar on her preferment and called it a “powerful message for the ladies of Pakistan”

Promotion of Major General Nigar Johar to the rank of Lt. General, the first lady officer to reach this position in the history of Pakistan, is a powerful message to our girls & women to aspire for the impossible in life. Congratulations to the newly appointed officer!

Shireen Mazari

Ahsan Iqbal

PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal called it the prodigious accomplishment to follow Major General Nigar Johar as a role model for Pakistani women.

Congratulations to first female three-star (Lt Gen) in Pakistan, Lieutenant General Nigar Johar appointed first female Surgeon General of Pakistan Army. Indeed a leapfrog for Pakistani women, who are contributing in all areas of national development & security

Sherry Rehman

Senator Sherry Rehman warmly congratulate newly appointed lieutenant General Nigar Johar

Great to see Major General Nigar Johar as the first woman to be promoted to Lieutenant General in the military. Her home town in Swabi KP must be very proud.

Maria Memon

Urwa Hocane

Being a female writer, I am feeling “honoured” for Major General Nigar Johar’s triumph as a woman, Pakistani women peculiarly, who has become the first Lieutenant General in Pakistan Armed Forces. Undoubtedly, she is the marvel women and a lady just to be followed as a paragon for Pakistani youth.

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