New Year Celebrations in Pictures: Slinks Away 2020 into History

 New Year Celebrations in Pictures: Slinks Away 2020 into History

Yet another year creeps away into history, but 2020’s transition to 21 is quirky. The reason is the death-dealing coronavirus pandemic. With over 1.7 million people dead and 82m infected around the globe since last New Year’s Eve — yet hope that new vaccines can help tame the pandemic — this year’s end is like none other in memory. It is anticipated Pakistan would get its share of the vaccine in the second quarter of 2021. New Year Celebrations in Pictures: Slinks Away 2020 into History.

Whispered but Whimsical Mirth

Celebrations took place as a ritual in the absence of show-goers, swindled in the ghost towns across the world. Blue and gold fireworks soared into the sky above the sky, an aptly eerie send-off for a year that will not be missed. No visual fallacy will kindle Beijing from the top of the TV tower neither the lions of London’s Trafalgar Square will be barred off, as will Red Square in Moscow.

In Rome, crowds will not assemble in St Peter’s Square, the Pope will lead no plethora, and festivalgoers will not make their yearly hangout into the Tiber. Nevertheless, in place of zillions of New Yorkers packed shoulder-to-shoulder into Times Square, the spectators will be a small rolled-down group of nurses, doctors, and other key workers, their families kept six feet apart in socially distanced enclosures.

New Year Celebrations in Pictures: Slinks Away 2020 into History

Men ride a vehicle on a Karachi seashore during the last sunset of the year

New Year’s Eve fireworks flare-up over Sydney’s iconic Harbor Bridge and Opera House (L)

A weighing-pic exhibits the difference of celebration on December 31, 2019, (R), and amid the coronavirus pandemic, in Seoul, South Korea, December 31, 2020 (L).

Children hold candles and take part in a demonstration to welcome the new year, in Lahore

Indians hold standees welcoming 2021 on New Year’s Eve in Ahmedabad, India

A girl saying goodbye to the last sunset of 2020 on Clifton Beach in Karachi

The illuminated Napier Bridge is pictured on New Year’s Eve in Chennai, India

Downtown Jakarta is seen empty on December 31 after police closed main roads in the capital to enforce Covid-19 measures on New Year’s Eve

A man sells balloons as Iraqis gather around the citadel of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, to celebrate the new year on December 31

A light display is projected from the Marina Bay Sands hotel and resort as part of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Singapore on December 31

*images with courtesy to Dawn News

Happy new year to all the readers…Happy New Year Pakistan!

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