Nasir Jamshed Gets 17-Month Jail Time for PSL Match-Fixing! That’s Embarrassing

 Nasir Jamshed Gets 17-Month Jail Time for PSL Match-Fixing! That’s Embarrassing

Pakistan’s Emerging Star Cricketers mostly come in the “Undesirable limelight” and hits badly the country’s image on the global spectrum. Recent bombshell is Former international Pakistani batsman. Nasir Jamshed Gets 17-Month Jail Time for PSL Match-Fixing! That’s Embarrassing.

Moreover, he was sentenced on Friday (February 7) to 17 months in jail for his part in a match-fixing scandal. Jamshed has beseeched to be mortified of bribing fellow cricketers in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Nasir Jamshed was Arrested along with two fellow match mates in a National Crime Agency probe

Nasir Jamshed, Yousuf Anwar, and Mohammad Ijaz have Incapacitated International Cricket and debilitated Pakistan’s image on the global forum. Furthermore, the “arrangement” was arranged with the help of contact from an illegal betting consortium, Mark. They acknowledged the fact that they were providing financial provisions to players to perform poorly in the PSL tournament.

Nasir Jamshed Gets 17-Month Jail Time for PSL Match-Fixing
Nasir Jamshed Gets 17-Month Jail Time for PSL Match-Fixing! That’s Embarrassing

Jamshed invigorated other players to fix a Pakistan Super League (PSL) game in February 2018. The scheme was to avoid scoring runs from certain balls in return for a share of £30,000. Afterward, a police officer spotted a match-fixing attempt in a Bangladesh Premier League match towards the end of 2016 and the actual PSL match. The officer cloaked as a member of a corrupt betting syndicate to expose Pakistani players.

Offenders Later Faced Criminal Charges in the UK following the NCA’s investigation

However, Anwar, 36, and Ijaz, 34, both pleaded guilty to intrigue the suborning. After a trial had commenced, Jamshed altered his petition and self-proclaimed a single count of conspiracy to commit bribery concerning the Pakistan Super League. As a consequence, Anwar was jailed for three years and four months, while Ijaz received two years and six months.

Judge Richard Mansell QC said during their sentencing at the Manchester Crown Court

“By far the most insidious consequence of these offenses is the undermining of public confidence in the integrity of the sporting contest. Not simply in the individual match directly affected but in the game of cricket generally. Corruption of this kind has sadly been taking place in the game of cricket for a very long time. If anything has become worse, it is due to the proliferation in the last decade of hugely popular televised international T20 tournaments in all the major cricketing nations. Combined with a huge increase in online gambling. What makes cricket, and these T20 tournaments, so vulnerable to corrupt practices? It is the existence of a huge, largely unregulated online betting industry in the Indian sub-continent.”

Samara Afzal (Jamshed’s wife) contritely quoted to ESPN

“Nasir could have had a bright future. But he took a short cut and lost everything, his career, status, respect, and freedom, and he threw his chance away. He would do anything to turn the clock back and not lose everything. Especially his daughter who he is very close to, but it’s too late for him. I hope all cricketers look at his example as a deterrent against corruption.”

Despite all the humiliation, Pakistani Cricketers do not vacillate to indulge in the heinous act of match-fixing.

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