My Wife Caught me Red-Handed Twice Cheating on Her: Ahmed Ali Butt

My Wife Caught me Red-Handed Twice Cheating on Her: Ahmed Ali Butt

Media is a digital podium that depicts social ordeals and the ways to deter them. It is not always relishing to normalize the viciousness of life in a gutsy manner. Media personas are the stepping stones that can influence and dampen the savagery accordingly. But what if they are the persons to standardize things like cheating on a wife in a chivalrous way. My Wife Caught me Red-Handed Twice Cheating on Her: Ahmed Ali Butt.

Ahmed Ali Butt jumped onto the bandwagon of Nauman Ijaz and admits that he is being caught twice red-handed by his wife. The actor is married to Fatima Khan for seven years. Infidelity can never be normalized in our religion and culture. 

A few comments on infidelity made by Ahmad caused a furor on social media

Unlike Ijaz though, actor Ahmed Ali Butt has recently revealed how his wife Fatima Khan caught him cheating twice by discovering old texts on his phone. Recently, the former EP rapper made an appearance at a local celebrity talk show with Vasay Chaudhry.


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In one of the segments, the host asked his Jawani Phir Nahi Ani co-stars Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat, and Fahad Mustafa for guidelines on how to flirt with a girl. Chaudhry then asked Butt to send the same message to his wife. While the rest of them responded to Butt, his wife never did. To this, the Punjab Nahi Jaungi star jibed, 

“She knows I am at this show. She has completely ignored my message.”

My Wife Caught me Red-Handed Twice Cheating on Her: Ahmed Ali Butt

Butt added how his wife knows that he won’t be sent something like this. He added wittily,

 “She usually catches me, red-handed. I’ve been caught red-handed twice.”

 To this, Chaudhry asked, “Doing what?” and Butt replied, “I won’t tell you that!”

“It’s better to clarify before you are caught in a very Naumaan Ijaz moment,” Chaudhry pinned. The rapper then shared, 

“I don’t think that would happen because I never stare at other women. But I had these old messages on my phone that she [my wife] saw.”

Fatima and Butt were in a relationship for 20 years

He told Chaudhry,

“We were great friends and then we were together for nine years. She was in London, I was here so we just used to stay connected via calls. It was a very expensive relationship! But after nine years, we got married and have been married for seven years now.”

What would you suggest to the discussion of being candid regarding infidelity and screening it as normal practice?

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