Muslim Athlete Disqualified from Volleyball Match over HIJAB in America

 Muslim Athlete Disqualified from Volleyball Match over HIJAB in America

Hijab has always been a constant threat for Non-Muslims. The recent controversy is about a teenage Muslim girl who was officially rebuked from a volleyball match and her ineptness was “Hijab”. Muslim Athlete Disqualified from Volleyball Match over HIJAB in America.

An international news channel broke a news in the media of partiality. A Muslim teenage girl says was “angry” after a match referee, citing the school’s rulebook, who gave her choices to either remove her hijab during volleyball or be disqualified. And pathetically girl did not compromise on her religious identity and chose to sit out.

Muslim Athlete Disqualified from Volleyball Match over HIJAB in America

According to CNN!

“First-year student Najah Aqeel studies at Valor Collegiate Prep in Tennessee’s Nashville city where, while warming up for a match on September 15, she was told by her coach that the has referee refused to let her play with her headscarf. The domineering move has led to calls from people across the state to change the rule, which Aqeel says “has no business being in the casebook”.

Speaking to CNN, the 14-year-old said

“I was angry, sad, and also shocked just because I had never heard of the rule before that. The rule that “singles out hijabis. I neither faced this issue during the previous matches I played nor did I ever acquire an authorization.”

According to the Referee!

“The casebook rule makes it obligatory for any athlete who wears a hijab to seek prior permission from the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA).”

The executive director of the American Muslim Advisory Council, Sabina Mohyuddin, issued scathing remarks over the incident

“Why should Muslim girls, who want to follow their constitutionally protected right, have an extra barrier to fully participate in sports in Tennessee? This rule was used to humiliate a 14-year-old student in front of her peers. It was traumatizing, to say the least!”

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSH) says

“Athletes must have authorization from the state association to wear the hijab or other types of items for religious reasons as it is otherwise illegal”.

NFSH Executive Director Karissa Niehoff Explicated the issue!

“Since uniform rules are not hard ones and those exceptions can be made, more common sense should have been demonstrated by the adults. The correct approach the referee should have taken is to have allowed the young lady to play and point out after the game that next time she needs to submit a letter.”

Niehoff Underscored the Controversy!

“NFSH was preparing to introduce a new language to ensure that religious headwear would no longer be an issue in the future, unless and until it posed some kind of risk to the player or other athletes.”

Valor Collegiate Academies Athletic Director Cameron Hill Expressed his Views Regarding the Matter

“The school itself was unaware of the rule, the guidelines were antiquated and oppressive”. We want our state to make it understood that there is no need for Muslim women to get permission to wear their religious headwear. We stand in solidarity with all of our scholars and families and their freedoms to express their religion freely and openly.”

We are forlorn and deeply sorry for the young lady who was disqualified from the match for wearing the hijab.

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