Muhammad Bin Qasim or Raja Dahir? Who is Real Hero! Internet WAR-ZONE

 Muhammad Bin Qasim or Raja Dahir? Who is Real Hero! Internet WAR-ZONE

Since the beginning, it is controversial and rioting to crowned the real hero of the history, whether Dahir or Mohammad Bin Qasim? It is the topical discussion going on over several Social Media Platforms and it is ignited by the ANP Minister Haji Adeel. Muhammad Bin Qasim or Raja Dahir, Who is Real Hero! Internet WAR-ZONE.

Moreover, a lot has been written about Raja Dahir and Muhammad bin Qasim in Pakistan, hitherto most has come from the extreme fringes of the several political and religious wings manifested by their respective perception regardless of what history narrates.

Segregate the Discussion in Between two “Extremist” Masses of the Society

Our societal pulse is in the hands of the right and left wings who blow and hide facts and twist the tinkling reality in accordance to the mind-set. The right-wing comprised by conventional extremists, Muhammad bin Qasim is a hero who conquered over the evil Hindu tyrant Raja Dahir. Though, the left-wing who are liberal extremists negates it wholly and called Raja Dahir a protagonist who endeavoured to defend his people from the “evil” raging Islamic warlord Muhammad bin Qasim.

ANP Minister Haji Adeel’s Vulnerable Beliefs

Let us dig deep to figure out the Reality to Fix the Discussion in the Right Direction

We urge to interpret both protagonists, Raja Dahir and Muhammad bin Qasim correspondingly from a truthful historical perspective, and not from the scratched specs of the extreme right and extreme left.

Muhammad Bin Qasim or Raja Dahir? Who is Real Hero! Internet WAR-ZONE

The grave purpose of this post is not to culpable a particular person, masses or religion, nevertheless, tried to moderately clear up fallacies regarding both Raja Dahir and Muhammad bin Qasim. In fact, the underlying reality is, both were valiant leaders for their respective subject who fought intrepidly.

The Rai Dynasty and Chach Dynasty are thornily allied, and Raja Dahir seems to have inbred a lot of wearisome “potentials” from his father Chach. One of the most rabble-rousing was to make blunders over previously made mistakes rather learn lessons from them. This not only alienated the Buddhist majority but also caught the ire of Rajput King Ramal of Kannauj and eventually the Arabs, which led to his demise in 712 AD.

Muhammad bin Qasim on the other hand is not as brave and stalwart Islamic warlord as he is being depicted in Pakistan. His ambitiously get-up-and-go drive of conquering Sindh was not to “spread Islam” but to sentinel shipping routes used by Arab sea merchants, which were ruined and robbed by Dahir. His grave motive was to form an approachable comfort regime in Sindh, and to establish the desired circumstances for Arab merchants, for this exclusion of Raja Dahir was mandatory. Moreover, to attain anticipated requirements in Sindh the sole solution to wedge in the mess of war.

Where once the City of Aror stood, Raja Dahir’s capital

The battlefield was the same by means of conventional rivals. It was obvious the fall of Raja Dahir will let the Hindu minority to be victimized by not only the new Muslim rulers but also the Buddhist majority.

Here was What the Treaty of Daibul Said:

“On behalf of the Commander of the faithful, I Habib bin Muslim,grant amnesty to all the people of Daibul and hereby ensure their personal safety, the security of all their temples, women,children and property. So long as you pay Jizya, We shall abide by this agreement”

Muslims Peculiarly Pakistani believes Muhammad Bin Qasim was the real-push behind Ideology of Pakistan

The common belief states in the context of a recent storm on internet lit by ANP minister,

“Mohammad Bin Qasim instructed an Islamic army first time in the subcontinent. He was the revolutionist who had transformed the thousands of year old demography of this region. There is no sane reason for a Pakistani, to not consider Muhammad Bin Qasim as ANP leader is expressing his foul philosophies to recompensed Raja Dahir as a hero.”

The Crux of the Matter

History is inscribed by the vanquishers and thus the Arabs wrote accounts to justify their rule of Sindh. If you would ask as a Pakistani, then the answer is Muhammad Bin Qasim. For the reason that Pakistan came into presence and would not be possible if there been no Muhammad Bin Qasim. Nevertheless, if you would ask as a progeny of the evolution that is as old as 5000 years, then Raja Dahir, as he was a local king who died defending his country.

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