MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq’s Widow Bursts into Tears on Abandoning her by MQM

 MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq’s Widow Bursts into Tears on Abandoning her by MQM

Dr. Imran Farooq was a massacred leader of MQM who was murdered in London a decade ago. Though his lamented family was swearing to support morally and financially by the party’s Pakistan and London chapters, unfortunately, he did not look after them in any manner. MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq’s Widow Bursts into Tears on Abandoning her by MQM.

Speaking to Shahzeb Khanzada at Geo News Talkshow

The first time in ten years the mourned family disclosed rotten facts about MQM. Moreover, the widow of the assassinated leader Shumaila broke down into tears when she explicated how the MQM-P and MQM-L swiftly resumed their lives and never turned back to the grieved widow along with her two sons.

MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq’s Widow Bursts into Tears on Abandoning her by MQM

“Nobody calls me. I have often seen them making media statements claiming and promising to do wonders for the widow and children of Shaheed-e-Inqilaab Dr. Imran Farooq but practically they have done nothing… never.”

Shumaila has Stage 2 mouth cancer, which is diagnosed around 18 months ago

“I am in this situation of life and death now. My husband was one of the founders of the MQM and died for the party but his party has not taken care of me. The MQM-P is enjoying being in power as the ruling PTI’s coalition partners, gaining privileges and benefiting from perks; however, not even once had any of the party leaders bothered to ask whether we needed any help or made a call out of courtesy. They make statements of support on Twitter, Facebook, and the media but they have never helped me.

Dr. Imran Farooq’s family is surviving on “Benefits”

“I live in a one-bedroom flat provided by the British government. I survive by getting handouts from the government for food and utility bills. I live on benefits. Everyone is aware of the fact I am a cancer victim and have a few years to live, I have two young sons and there’s nobody in the world who would help me but those who were supposed to be there for me have never helped me. The UK-based MQM-L initially helped me but then stopped. Nobody stands by you when you are in a difficult situation. Nobody is there for you when you are in difficulty. I have been through the worst of times and I don’t wish this upon my enemies even.”

She valued Geo News for Raising her Issues

“It was through Geo News’ several years of reporting that people know about Shaheed’s family, otherwise I was completely abandoned by the former colleagues in the MQM.”

Shumaila Disclosed how in-laws abandoned her like MQM

“My family members in Karachi helped through the past 10 years but in-laws never spoke or asked about well-being. I had not spoken up in that period due to fear and the trauma. I have lived in fear for my safety and the safety of my children. My sons are still getting counselling. They fear going outside and they don’t want to hear loud noises. They have not recovered from the terror trauma. We have never had a day of peace in our lives in ten years. My husband had faced challenges with the MQM leadership before he was murdered and was, therefore, worried all the time. At home, however, he smiled around his children and did not want to let them know of his worries. “

My Husband was not intended to originate his party

“The impression that he wished to set up his party or was against Hussain is wrong. My husband was with Altaf Hussain till the last moments of his life. He had no plans of setting up an alternative party. However, he was a man of principles and did not compromise on the stance he took.”

The deceased leader’s wife expressed satisfaction over the conviction of his murderers, saying she was “pleased that those responsible would spend the rest of their lives in prison” for killing a true patriot and “a hero of the MQM”.

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