Moody’s Upgrade Pakistan Economic Outlook from Negative to Stable

 Moody’s Upgrade Pakistan Economic Outlook from Negative to Stable

As far as the Economic Situation is Concerned, the Current Government has not been very Successful and Decisive. The Critics and Opposition are Calling out Government Policies and their inability to take care of the Situation. Finally, there are some Signs of Improvement. Moody’s Upgrade Pakistan Economic Outlook from Negative to Stable.

The Government is already losing the Faith of the People as they are unable to Control the Prices and Stabilize the Economy Yet. There’s no doubt about the fact that Pakistan’s economy is going through Transition Zone.

The Previous Year has been very Tough as per economy, Courtesy of the Policies of the Previous Govt. This had to Happen and People had to Sacrifice. The Recent Upgrade in Moody’s Credit Rating for Pakistan can be seen as a Great Sign.

Moody’s Upgrade Pakistan Economic Outlook from ‘Negative’ to ‘Stable’

Moody’s is Basically a Bond Credit Rating Sevices that Provide Credit Rating, Risk Analysis, and Research. The US-Based Rating Agency had Downgraded the Outlook to Negative in June 2018. But, with the Helo of Recent Findings on the Basis of the Reforms, Moody’s Upgraded Economic Outlook to Stable.

“The change in outlook to stable is driven by Moody’s expectations that the balance of payments dynamics would continue to improve, supported by policy adjustments and currency flexibility,” read a Moody’s report released on Monday.

“The improvement in the outlook is highly expected to revive foreign investors’ confidence in Pakistan, compelling them to pour-in significant amounts in different sectors of the economy like manufacturing, agriculture and exports and portfolio investment in stocks and debt markets,” experts said.

Statements Poured after this Landmark on Social Media

The Improvement in Country’s Credit Rating was also Appreciated by the US State Department.

“Moody’s upgrades Pakistan’s outlook to B3 ‘stable’ from ‘negative’. The up-gradation of outlook to stable is an affirmation of government’s success in stabilizing the country’s economy and laying a firm foundation for robust long-term growth,” Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said in a tweet.

Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Reforms Asad Umar said a tweet.

Senior Member of PTI, Jahangir Tareen Congratulated the Govt and the People of Pakistan.

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