Meet This Faisalabadi Couple Wearing Matching Clothes For Last 37 Years

 Meet This Faisalabadi Couple Wearing Matching Clothes For Last 37 Years

Lovebirds are twosomes who meet love goals and make people envious of the underlying harmony in their relationship. Meet This Faisalabadi Couple Wearing Matching Clothes For Last 37 Years.

Faisalabadi couple tickles everyone with the hype of positive vibes and energy. The duo has been wearing matching outfits every day for 37 years of marriage….CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????… YOU HAVE TO

The Enthused couple of Faisalabad has Flabbergasted all those who claim to love

Muhammad Nasir,67, and his wife Shugufta are deprived of the trouncing thought of what to wear. Because they wear the same clothes without getting fed up for the last three decades. What provokes them to do that makes them happy? The answer is “love”.

Mr. and Mrs. Nasir never get jaded with the same draping routine, while several couples love to match their clothes occasionally, but this married couple in Faisalabad shocked the world with the love bond preciously built in their marriage. Regardless of color scheme and patterns, we will always see them inimitable and exclusive.

Meet This Faisalabadi Couple Wearing Matching Clothes For Last 37 Years

According to the couple,

“Our attires are a message of love to the world. It took an entire year after our wedding to come up with something unique that had not been done before.”

Shugufta expressed her views about their matchless matching dressing choice

“After we decided to dress alike, then came the stage where we had to look into the dresses. We wanted something suitable for both ladies and gents. We both go shopping together. When I am not able to pick anything then he helps me with it. So, this is how we design both our clothes together. We both do embroidery together. Some people appreciate us, while others laugh at us.

They often make fun of us while we are walking by. So, we stop there ask them, “What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? They then feel embarrassed and say that they have never seen any husband and wife dressing the same and that they liked it. In our time, social media did not exist. However, with the dawn of social media, many people roll our videos which often go viral. We both are each other’s best friends and have been together through thick and thin. We share everything.”

Husband gave a delectable inkling of wearing the same clothes with the same liveliness!

“Our clothing is a message for the world. And that is love.”

Here’s the video. Enjoy

Well, what do you think of their supreme way of signifying love? As for us, we are stunned and adore them to hearts. We wish them all the happiness and good life ahead! They are the unique depiction of respect and love in the prevailing era of obnoxious infidelity present everywhere.

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