Meet Huda & Mohamed: Siblings Who Bagged 5 World Records & Everyone’s Shocked

 Meet Huda & Mohamed: Siblings Who Bagged 5 World Records & Everyone’s Shocked

Do you remember Gulliver in town, the childhood fantasy? It is the time to recall the childhood story to see the shocking reality with open eyes. Here we have Huda and Mohammad of Cairo to make you surprise with their unbelievable gigantic height and length of feet and hands. Meet Huda & Mohamed: Siblings Who Bagged 5 World Records & Everyone’s Shocked.

It makes them super bravo to clasp the eye of the world’s records collectors. Moreover, both have accomplished to hunt five world records to enter the world of Guinness World Records.

Meet Huda & Mohamed: Siblings Who Bagged 5 World Records & Everyone’s Shocked

Some people are born with their giftedness and features and gain gratitude because of their unusual human form. Huda and Mohamed are such beings with the largest feet and hands. These are the siblings Mohamed and Huda Shehata, both from Egypt with the largest hands and feet. The siblings measure 414.4 cm (13 ft. 7 in) together!

With the largest hand span on a living person (male), 34-year-old Mohamed holds the record with a left hand measuring 31.3 cm (12.32 in). Aside from that, he has the widest arm span of any person (male) at 250.3 cm (8 ft. 2.5 in).

Huda, Mohamed’s sister, has also had three features confirmed as the world’s firsts. She has the largest feet on a living person (female) – 33.1 cm (1 ft. 1.02 in) on her right foot. Largest hands on a living person (female) – 24.3 cm (9.56 in) on her left hand. Widest arm span on a living person for a female – 236.3 cm (7 ft 8.4 in).

When the duo siblings noticed their unusual growth?

Huda had a normal childhood until the age of 12 when she realized that she is becoming noticeable among peers. Moreover, she was growing taller than most of her peers. She said,

“I hope the recognition of Guinness World Records title would change my life forever. I have always dreamed of dressing like other women, but I accept myself now and live with satisfaction and conviction.”

Like Huda, Mohamed also began to grow taller. The size of his hands and arms continued to grow to a record-breaking size as he grew taller. Mohammad says,

“Everything seems small in my hands, even shaking hands with people has become a reminder of how I differ from others,”

But to everyone’s surprise, they are still growing!

Both siblings live with their mother in a small village 90 minutes outside Cairo.

Conferring to the doctors,

“Huda and Mohammad are believed to have a benign tumor in their pituitary glands that cause excess production of growth hormones. “

Both siblings managed to have customized clothes

In their hometown, the siblings need their clothes custom-made by their tailor. It is he who makes a Galabiyah (a loose-fitting garment) for Mohamed and a dress for Huda, and they return to him each year for yearly changes in the body. Mohamed and Huda are still growing in height and may need an operation to stop it as soon as possible.

It takes tenacity and ingenuity to secure a Guinness World Records certificate. But it is undoubtedly true that Huda and Mohammad have a tough life as they stand out of the crowd.

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