Meet Gaza’s 1st Daring Female Taxi Driver Nayla Abu Jubbah

 Meet Gaza’s 1st Daring Female Taxi Driver Nayla Abu Jubbah

The world is meanie to publicize the astounding Muslim women on the global spectrum for all the known reasons. The Gaza strip is mostly surrounded with the attack from both Israel and Palestine. Meet Gaza’s 1st Daring Female Taxi Driver Nayla Abu Jubbah.

Though, Muslim women and men are intrepid, artistic, courageous, diverse, and dynamic. Muslim people are doctors, teachers, mothers, fathers, human rights activists, artists, journalists, dancers, and so much more. Nayla is out on a limb, hails from a deep and conservative Gaza Strip who decided to live on one’s hump to cater to her children.

Meet Gaza’s 1st Daring Female Taxi Driver Nayla Abu Jubbah

Nayla bought the vehicle with her inheritance when her father died. She is the Palestinian mother-of-five, Nayla Abu Jubbah flung a small revolution that proved a pinch hitter. By the same week, a gallant mother became the first female taxi driver in the deeply conservative Gaza Strip. In the penurious Palestinian territory, women own the same legal rights as men to drive a vehicle, but in practice, the trade of taxi drivers is known to be a male’s profession.

39-years old determined Palestinian mother opens up

“I said to myself one day that I needed to put it to work. One day I was talking with a friend who works as a hairdresser and I said to her: ‘What would you say if we started a taxi service for women?’ though it was a crazy idea.”

The Israeli-blockaded territory was suffering 50 percent unemployment even before the Covid-19 pandemic. But Nayla’s financial condition provoked her to take a bold step, so she took a hot sip of a steamy tea put on a headscarf, a face mask, and marches to her car parked outside. After positioning her smartphone into its holder and giving a signal on the horn for the show, she flinches the engine and is off on the roads of Gaza, where the Islamist Hamas movement has ruled for more than 13 years.

Abu Jubbah does not cruise the streets for fares, taking only standing charge

“I leave my home and I will pick up my clients, to bring them for example from the hairdressing salon to a wedding. I bought the vehicle with my inheritance when my father died. I said to myself one day that I needed to take advantage of the car, to put it to work. Hence the project of a taxi service entirely for women, to put them at ease. Today I am driving through the streets of Gaza City to pick up 27-year-old Aya Saleem for a shopping trip.”

Women are at ease while travelling with a female driver

Aya Saleem expressed her comfort with an ear to ear smiles.

“We live in a conservative society. So, when I saw that there was a taxi company especially for women… I felt a kind of freedom.”

Hats off to you Nayla Abbu Jubbah!

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