List of The 5 Most Popular Games Played During The Pandemic

 List of The 5 Most Popular Games Played During The Pandemic

Since corona has confined us in our homes, the recreational options embarked on digital solutions. Several video games became a blessing in the tough and hard time to get ourselves composed. List of The 5 Most Popular Games Played During The Pandemic.

Moreover, certain video games have filled the need of the world’s confined for a bit of distraction, adventure, and socializing and attained startling feat during the pandemic. Lahorified crafts a list of video games you love to play staying at home.

List of The 5 Most Popular Games Played During The Pandemic


The game involves neither foes nor any competition. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” came out in March for Nintendo’s Switch console. Instead, players explore an island, collecting fruit and making tools and furniture, trading with others, as the seasons slowly change.

According to GFK

“This version of the game unquestionably hit the spot with players hungry for a bit of light-hearted diversion. It drove to the top of the sales charts in the United States in March 2020 and was among top sellers in other countries as well. It was the number two title in Europe for 2020 overall.”

Nicolas Vignolles, head of the association of French video game publisher association SELL, said,

“The smashing success of Animal Crossing is explained by two factors: one is an underlying trend towards family games and the other is the short-term factor of the confinement. Parents suddenly confronted with being confined with their children looked to video games to find options for family entertainment, and that “Animal Crossing was an ideal game for parent-child interaction.”

Nintendo’s chief in France, Philippe Lavoue, spelled out

“I would acknowledge the firm’s lucky timing of releasing the game just as many people were needing an escape. But we were happy to have helped confined people feel less lonely and to escape mentally,”


The success of “Among Us” in 2020 was a huge wonder for the industry as the title drew petite attention when was originally released in 2018. Nevertheless, its developers at US studio Innersloth kept enriching their concept, which paid off when some prominent game streamers on Twitch began to play it on the platform in mid-2020.

According to Superdata, the DOG-WATCHER of the gaming industry

“By November the game had half a billion players. The online multiplayer game takes place on a space ship. Most people are crewmates but several are imposters who are out to kill or at least block crewmates from carrying out their assigned tasks. Lively debates take place as crewmates seek to unmask the imposters.”

For French game publisher Nicolas Vignolles

“The game’s popularity has even seen US lawmakers join in matches broadcast on Twitch to reach young voters last year. It is the exchanges between players that explains the game’s popularity. Among Us at the intersection of social networking and video games. Nearly one in two gamers in France say that video games help them create social relationships. That didn’t exist before… This underlying trend has accelerated with confinement.”


“Ring Fit Adventure” brings two clashing activities together, working out and playing video games. The game works with the Switch console, whose controllers are slotted into a Pilates ring and a leg strap. Once equipped, players can fight against monsters or be guided through fitness routines by the television. The game has embarked on the fitness regime when the closure of gyms along with lockdowns fueled a spike in sales, leading to shortages last year after consumers got their mitts on four million units between October 2019 and July 2020.

4) FIFA 2021

The pause in football matches irate football freaks. The pandemic caused many football matches of the Euro championship postponed; it may have flickered interest among fans to play virtually.

According to GfK

“FIFA 2021 from Electronic Arts was the best-selling video game in 2020.”


Boards and cards games works like a magic since childhood. These cheap games grace the tables of many households more recurrently during the lockdown, alongside their video game choices.

Nintendo told Le Figaro

“A sign of that is a collection of classic board games for Switch was among the top sellers for the console in France last year. The big lesson of confinement was that video games have broken definitively the stereotype of a game that can cause people to withdraw and become isolated. They were an incredibly effective antidote to isolation.”

In Pakistan inclination towards virtual and handy games amidst pandemic is similar to the global drives.

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