Liberals Defending Nudes of Rabi Pirzada by Making own Nudes with #IAmRabiPirzada

 Liberals Defending Nudes of Rabi Pirzada by Making own Nudes with #IAmRabiPirzada

Not a Day Passed, and we have another Controversy in Pakistan and Everybody’s Discussing it on Social Media. There’s a reason why #IAmRabiPirzada is Trending on Top in Pakistan. However, a Few Days ago, Rabi Pirzada’s Personal Private Pictures and Videos went Viral on Social Media. So, Liberals Defending Nudes of Rabi Pirzada by Making own Nudes with #IAmRabiPirzada.

There are many Speculations about the Alleged Leak Videos. The Netizens are making different Theories that how the Intimate Videos Got Leaked in the first place.

Conspiracy Theories Discussed on Social Media

There’s a Possibility that the Actress Might have sent Intimate Videos to her Boyfriend as it is definitely a Huge Problem for many Vulnerable Women of our Society. People also Speculating that her Boyfriend Apparently had iCloud Password and he Leaked Videos and Photos upon some Fight. However, Revenge Porn is the name used for such Incidents where Ex Leak Your Nudes to Humiliate Publicly.

However, Some Douchebags are claiming that DG ISPR is behind the Leak of Videos and Photos. Some days ago, Rabi Criticized DG ISPR for defending Item Song of Neelam Muneer Khan. Meanwhile, DG ISPR got offended with the Objections of Rabi and, in revenge, he leaked her Intimate Videos. SERIOUSLY DUDE!!

As per Rabi Pirzada, she had Sold her iPhone Recently to a Market. So, the Market Guy Tempered with her iPhone and Recovered the Data. Her Claims have Started a Huge Debate on Social Media about Cyber Security and Important Measures to Keep Pictures and Videos Safe.

Liberals Defending Nudes of Rabi Pirzada by Making own Nudes with #IAmRabiPirzada

A Liberal and Atheist, Fozia Ilyas, who happened to be an Expat, Started this Horrible Trend. There are Many Joining the Trend, Mostly Liberals, and Atheists, by Sharing their Nudes to Show Solidarity with Rabi Pirzada!


Dear folks,
hope you’ll be doing good. We’re going to start a Facebook campaign in solidarity with a Pakistani singer, whose nudes had been leaked before two days. We’re taking our photos with the #IAMRABIPIRZADA and posting them on Fb. Because Pakistani people are cursing her. I really want that you support this motion. That would be really great.
You can post it on your own or send it to me. I can do it on your behalf.


Meanwhile, Fozia Ilyas has Garnered Troublesome Support from Different Communities and Women are Joining her Trend by Sharing their NUDES!

There’s a Limit of Feminism and Liberalism

Sharing of Nudes and Obscene Pictures, Videos under the #IAmRabiPirzada has Triggered many People. So, It was a Bold Move to Drag this Concerning Issue to Some Shitty Level. Let’s Face it! Influenced by Western Culture, Reading English Novels and Becoming Aethists isn’t COOL AT ALL. So, Liberals and Feminists need to Draw a Line and Shouldn’t Cross it for their own Good.

There are Many Ways to Condemn the Further Sharings of her Obscene Pictures and Videos other than to show your Uncovered Chest and Body Pictures with Hashtag of #IAmRabiPirzada. So, Such Absurdity can’t be Accepted in Pakistan and this Needs to be STOPPED!

People Are Pissed at Fozia Ilyas for her Shittiest Attempt!

Although, Pakistanis can Turn any Trend into Meme World Anytime!

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